StackAdapt Works With Moat to Give Advertisers the Ability to Determine if In-Flight Ads Drove Business Outcomes

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StackAdapt is the first self-serve demand-side platform (DSP) to offer Moat Outcomes so advertisers receive fast, frequent, in-flight lift measurement to optimize ad spend on a user and household level.

Toronto, ON – StackAdapt (, a programmatic advertising company, announced an integration with Moat Outcomes, part of the Moat by Oracle Data Cloud suite, to help advertisers measure the in-flight lift from their campaigns on real-world business outcomes like sales and visits. 

In the past, measuring the real world business impact from a campaign could take weeks or even months, leaving advertisers unable to adjust their campaigns in progress to improve their business results.

By contrast, Moat Outcomes and StackAdapt can provide clients with the campaign impact on vital business metrics in as little as 10 days, helping them align media measurement strategies with business objectives. Advertisers can take advantage of accelerated, accurate ROI intelligence to optimize ad spend based on fast in-flight lift measurement and quality insights. Campaign ROI can be accessed weekly and over time, providing an understanding of the campaign levers that deliver the most impact.

In addition to fast, frequent in-flight lift measurement and optimization opportunities, Moat Outcomes offer CPG advertisers several benefits:

  • To prove that advertising on a platform drives incremental sales.
  • To measure the number of new customers acquired as a result of a campaign.
  • To understand behavioural changes in demographic profiles as a result campaign exposure.
  • To optimize future buying strategies to continue driving incrementality.

“Consumer behavior continues to change at a rapid pace and marketers cannot afford to wait for the results from traditional measurement studies,” said Kevin Whitcher, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle Data Cloud. “That’s why we are pleased to integrate with StackAdapt to offer advertisers a causal measurement tool that demonstrates ROI and ad effectiveness as fast as your business moves.”

“A holistic view of performance—including having answers to ‘What worked?,’ ‘What didn’t?,’ and ‘Why?’—is integral to understanding how to optimize all parts of a campaign,” said Michael Shang, VP, Partnerships and Business Solutions at StackAdapt. “It is near impossible to do data-driven marketing without measurement, and that measurement needs to happen while a campaign is in-flight and not 30 days after completion.”

By leveraging Moat Outcomes, StackAdapt clients, and more specifically CPG advertisers, can learn quickly and optimize faster to engage consumers—with shorter attention spans and multiple devices – in the most relevant place.

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StackAdapt Team



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