StackAdapt Cookie Notice

What an Opt-Out Is

An opt-out is a mechanism you can use to limit an organization's ability to process your personal information. Depending on where you live, you may have a right to opt-out under applicable data protection law. Applicable data protection law affords consumers the right to opt-out in various forms, for example, the right to opt out of the sale or sharing of personal information, the right to opt-out of personal information being used for targeted advertising, and the right to opt-out of profiling. In California, you also have the right to limit our use of your sensitive personal information, which, with respect to our Platform, includes and is limited to precise geolocation. To exercise these rights, click the blue button below.

What an Opt-Out Is Not

If you choose to opt-out of targeted advertising with StackAdapt it does not mean you will stop receiving advertisements or that you will receive fewer advertisements. After you opt-out, you will still receive the same number of advertisements, they will just be less relevant to your interests. For more information on how we process your opt-out, click here.

Regardless of where you live, StackAdapt offers the right to opt-out of your personal data being processed in our Platform and the advertising services we offer to our clients. This will effectively opt you out of the sale of your personal information and targeted advertising resulting from or through our Platform. The functionality of our Platform and advertising services is dependent on cookies and other pseudonymous identifiers. Over time, these identifiers may reappear in our Platform. Unless you reside in a jurisdiction that requires us to maintain your opt-out indefinitely, we will permit these identifiers to, eventually and over time, re-enter our workflows.

To learn more about cookies, how we collect and use them, and how to opt-out of our use of cookies in your browser, please visit

Industry Opt-Out

To learn more about Interest-Based Advertising, your choices with respect to it, and to opt-out of advertising programs that track your activities across multiple websites to deliver personalized advertising content to you, please visit:

Identity Based Opt-Out

For more information or to exercise a consumer right with our identity resolution service providers, please visit: