The B2B Buying Process

The B2B buying process has always been complex. Understanding how and where today's business buyers get their information is critical to reaching them with the right content they need to make decisions. No longer will lower funnel only tactics suffice for achieving your bottom line. Buyers conduct research online anytime, anywhere and any way they want. Your SEM, ABM and walled garden strategies need a boost from programmatic.

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Full-Funnel B2B Marketing

Structure your funnel for success, by making a proportionate investment through all stages. Upper funnel marketing matters. It enables you to:

Uncover New Audiences

Expose your content and nurture strategies to untapped audiences to increase your TAM potential.

Widen the Sales Funnel

Over time it will naturally narrow but you want to cast a broad net initially.

Nurture Leads

Engage those from the upper funnel who aren't ready to buy yet.

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Enhance Your ABM Targeting

Mix and match multiple attributes to build a highly targeted custom audience from large target account lists.

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or Industry

Own the B2B Buying Journey

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Problem Identification

We need to do something.

  • Branding and awareness (native and display)
  • Ungated blog content
  • Video and infographics
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Solution Exploration

What's out there to solve our problem?

  • Whitepaper download
  • Supplier website visits
  • Broad keyword search
  • Target users showing intent with Custom Segments
Requirements Icon

Requirements Building

What exactly do we need the purchase to do?

  • Webinars
  • Specific keyword intent
  • Supplier's buying guide download
Supplier Icon

Supplier Selection

Does this do what we want it to do?

  • Retargeting ads
  • Competitor comparison
  • Analyst reports
  • Case studies
Purchase Icon

Purchase Decision

We found the product we need.

  • CRM data logged
  • CRM retargeting
  • Dialogue with sales

Attract Attention and Engagement

B2B ads are often flat in comparison to B2C—but they don't have to be. Employing similar tactics as consumer ads can better attract attention and increase engagement. A countdown ad is a great way to create a sense of urgency for events, whether it be an upcoming webinar, industry conference or free trial offering of your software.

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