Nobody Does Native Advertising
Better than StackAdapt

In 2013 StackAdapt pioneered the term Programmatic Native Advertising and became one of the first companies that brought together audience buying and content-driven native ads. Many companies offer native advertising, but nobody does it better than StackAdapt:

Access to all major native advertising exchanges

Automated & human-verified brand safety every step of the way

Optimized for engagement after the click

Machine Learning on Proprietary Data

We believe that machine learning (and its consecutive applications in Artificial Intelligence) is useless without the data to train the models on. Our infinitely scalable, lightning-fast infrastructure uses some of the most progressive languages that allows us to run more complex models in real time, making the decision-making smarter than any other platform. The results speak for themselves:

Consistent out-performance of display channel

Successful acquisition campaigns through native advertising

Performance-based pricing

Our Success Stories


"StackAdapt's engagement-based technology helped us drive the best visitors for our clients."

Tyler Knudtson

Digital Marketer at Imagination Publishing


"Native is something that we have scaled dramatically because of its performance."

Stan DiFruscio

Partner at Loud+Clear

Consumer Goods

"We found the platform to be really effective in finding relevant people to connect with our content and then make sure they are actually engaging with it."

Erin Bury

Managing Director at 88 Creative

Consumer Goods

"They were happy with it and we were happy with it. StackAdapt really helped us achieve our goals!"

Mitch Wapner

Senior Account Manager at TakePart


"Stackadapt allows us to target audience segments, forecast our campaign results, and optimize our content and video campaigns in real-time, thus making better use of our digital budget."

Tania Rizk

Director at Banque Libano-Française


With all the great targeting and segmentation, with StackAdapt we can identify who we want and from where.

Christopher S. Penn

VP of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications