Don't Settle for a Faster Horse

Demanding more levers to pull is no longer solving marketers' challenges. Step into the future with StackAdapt's state of the art platform where some of the most progressive work in machine learning meets cutting-edge user experience.

Transparent Audience Data

Your questions on how and when audience data is collected, finally answered. With StackAdapt's Custom Segment Data Management Platform (DMP) you gain transparency into audience data like never before. Forget cookie cutter audience segments, StackAdapt builds in-market audience segments truly personalized to your brand.

Intelligence Every Step of the Way

From the impact of your creative down to post-click engagement, StackAdapt helps you maximize the efficiency of your media investment: Be it brand safety, which is applied to every impression, to default optimization, to viewability, you can be confident that our platform answers a resounding yes to the fundamental question: are relevant people experiencing and connecting with my brand?

It's Our Responsibility to Make it Work

Forget being left to your own devices to figure out how to make a platform perform. StackAdapt's solution-based approach gives you the flexibility of self-serve and the support of managed service. StackAdapt was voted Best DSP in customer satisfaction two years running in 2016 and 2017.

Some Companies that Trust StackAdapt


"StackAdapt's engagement-based technology helped us drive the best visitors for our clients."

Tyler Knudtson

Digital Marketer at Imagination Publishing


"Native is something that we have scaled dramatically because of its performance."

Stan DiFruscio

Partner at Loud+Clear

Consumer Goods

"We found the platform to be really effective in finding relevant people to connect with our content and then make sure they are actually engaging with it."

Erin Bury

Managing Director at 88 Creative

Consumer Goods

"They were happy with it and we were happy with it. StackAdapt really helped us achieve our goals!"

Mitch Wapner

Senior Account Manager at TakePart


"Stackadapt allows us to target audience segments, forecast our campaign results, and optimize our content and video campaigns in real-time, thus making better use of our digital budget."

Tania Rizk

Director at Banque Libano-Fran├žaise


With all the great targeting and segmentation, with StackAdapt we can identify who we want and from where.

Christopher S. Penn

VP of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications

StackAdapt has been one of the best native ad platforms we have used to date. A+ client service accompanied by an easy to use reporting dashboard that has helped us stay up to date with what our media dollars are actually accomplishing.

Ash Sanh
Digital Media Specialist
I have personally tested multiple Native DSP solutions and none have been able to compete with StackAdapt's suite of tools, tech and performance.

Todd Meadow
Associate Manager
What I like the best is the support I receive from StackAdapt. It may be self-serve, but I know that I still have experts looking in on my campaigns and catching things I may have missed, or tips on optimization.

Cherie Raymond
Group Media Director