The Technology that Understands
the Business of Agencies

StackAdapt is not just a Demand-Side Platform (DSP). It is an industry-leading technology and team of individuals that understand the nature of advertising and the agencies that consistently strive to exceed client expectations. Which is why only StackAdapt offers:

No Monthly Minimums to align with the seasonality of brands, campaigns, and the market

The expertise of the StackAdapt Creative Studio to ensure that you achieve peak performance from the programmatic portion of your media mix with outstanding creatives

Guidance in all things programmatic for your agency through to your clients

Put the Power of StackAdapt Behind Your Programmatic Campaigns

Digital advertising runs best on StackAdapt because we’ve built our platform to drive results for your clients.

Scale. Inventory sources spanning all channels and devices—not to mention StackAdapt has the largest scale for native advertising in the industry with 30+ native advertising integrations (and growing) from a total of 50 supply partners across display, video and CTV.

Intent-based Targeting. The core of our technology is our ability to understand what people read online. We call it Custom Segments. Using machine learning we predict who is most likely to become your next customer.

Performance-based Bidding. Leverage different bidding models based on the KPIs for your campaign including CPM, CPC, and CPE.

Safest Brand Environment. Our dedicated team of professionals carefully curate all of our inventory to ensure the ad ecosystem is as safe and transparent as possible for your brand.

StackAdapt Customers See Amazing Results


“Native advertising is a natural way to promote content that will engage users and move them down the funnel.”

Nicholas Dobroruka

Paid Media Analyst, iProspect

Consumer Goods

“By personalizing the ad creatives, we were able to achieve impressive ROAS and have a lower cost per acquisition goal than expected.”

Justin Cook

President of Internet Marketing, 9thCo


“Our team experienced first-hand how powerful Native advertising can be in the execution of our client’s coupon campaigns.”

Michael Ramsey

VP Digital, tbk Creative

Travel & Tourism

“Native is something that we have scaled dramatically because of its performance.”

Stan DiFruscio

Partner, Loud+Clear

Performing Arts

“Delivering the right content to the right audience in a non-disruptive way is the secret to a successful digital campaign and StackAdapt achieved exactly that.”

Hailey Barton

Associate Media Director, Serino Coyne


“StackAdapt’s platform differentiators are what allowed our team to implement a multi-faceted media strategy for the advertiser.”

Laura Loveless

Associate Director Programmatic Media, Rise Interactive