Let's talk about your Content Strategy

You probably create a lot of great content, but
how do you make sure the world takes notice?

Promoting your content on social media is easy, sure, but it's inevitable that you'll
hit the wall with diminishing social reach and decreasing lifespan of your posts.

Optimizing your content for SEO is a good way to increase your organic search results - but only
in the long-run. On average, it takes up to 12 months before you start reaching target audiences.

Using StackAdapt for paid content distribution lets you find, reach, and
engage target audiences with your content, on-demand and at scale.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a form of advertising that integrates high-quality content into the organic experience of a given platform. Native ad units conform to the design and feel of the sites on which they display, preserving the immersive user-experience while producing click-through rates like that of editorial content.

Branded Content Distribution Through Native Advertising

Branded Content Distribution Through Native Advertising

1 A preview of your content is turned into an in-feed native ad. After specifying your target audiences and bidding strategy, your native advertising campaign is launched. Your content remains on your blog or content hub, ready to be engaged with.

2 Your in-feed native ad is served across 45,000 premium publishers worldwide to attract the interest of your target audiences and drive them to your content.

3 Once a user clicks-through to your content, we ensure that he or she actually reads it. We identify the audience attributes of the engaged users and automatically optimize your campaigns to bring you more.

Enterprise-Ready Solution

Access to over 45,000
publishers worldwide

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strategy consultations

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StackAdapt has been one of the best native ad platforms we have used to date. A+ client service accompanied by an easy to use reporting dashboard that has helped us stay up to date with what our media dollars are actually accomplishing.

Ash Sanh
Digital Media Specialist
I have personally tested multiple Native DSP solutions and none have been able to compete with StackAdapt's suite of tools, tech and performance.

Todd Meadow
Associate Manager
What I like the best is the support I receive from StackAdapt. It may be self-serve, but I know that I still have experts looking in on my campaigns and catching things I may have missed, or tips on optimization.

Cherie Raymond
Group Media Director