Our Story

StackAdapt is a profitable venture-backed startup disrupting the online advertising industry. We were founded in June, 2013 by Ildar Shar, Vitaly Pecherskiy and Yang Han with the common goal of helping brands reach relevant audiences and drive more meaningful interactions with their branded content.

Today, StackAdapt is the world's largest demand-side native advertising platform. With nearly 45,000 publisher sites in our distribution portfolio and hundreds of advertising campaigns running every day, we provide brands with a single access point for the global supply of native advertising.

We believe that the future of advertising lies in building meaningful relationships between brands and consumers through content, and we're excited to help build that future.

Our Values

We are ambitious

Human progress is created by hungry, driven people like us. We're immensely curious, we aren't afraid to fail, and for us "great" isn't good enough.

We work together

Our company is a collection of passionate, like-minded individuals who are here to uncover all of our potential — and we push ourselves and each other to realize it. Whether you're a soldier or a general, we roll up our sleeves and get shit done — there is no ego here.

We take initiative

Everything you see around you was created by people just like us. We have the power to change and improve old ideas. We're here to defy the odds, take destiny into our own hands and bring our ideas to life.

We aren't afraid of change

We flourish in the unstructured, quickly-evolving technology landscape. We embrace the uncertainty and enjoy the rollercoaster. When the winds of change blow, others build walls while we build windmills.

Our Team

Ildar Shar


Yang Han


Vitaly Pecherskiy


Aaron Pelz

Director of Finance

Adam Levine

Director of Customer Success

Adam Poleski

Account Executive

Afish Mahesaniya

Director of Engineering

Alec Shuttleworth

Account Strategist

Andrew Youk

Lead Designer

Andy Woo

Director of Product

Bohan Zhang

Tech Intern

Brendan Manley

Account Strategist

Chris St.John

Customer Success Manager

David Krutsko

Front End Engineer

David Yin

Full Stack Developer

Dordzhaka Ednyashev

Customer Success Manager

Eli Bardikoff

Account Executive

Eric Cai

Full Stack Developer

Garrett O'Neill

Lead Account Executive

Ian Solnick

Account Executive

Icy Liu

Intermediate Accountant

Idan Peleg

Account Executive

Isabelle Beaupré

Product Quality Analyst

Joanne Kim

Design Intern

Jocelyn O'Neill

Events Coordinator

Jon Ganesh

DevOps Engineer

Kenneth Li

Junior Accountant

Kevin MacPhee

Full Stack Developer

Larkin Liu

Data Scientist

Leo Zhao

Full Stack Developer

Maggie Clapperton

Content Marketing Manager

Marc Poulin

Full Stack Developer

Mel Bank

Customer Success Representative

Michael Cornacchia

Digital Marketing Specialist

Michael Shang

Programmatic Partnerships Manager

Michael Tassone

Account Strategist

Michelle Hart

Lead Customer Success Representative

Natalia Vassilieva

HR Manager

Nicolas Mazur

Senior Product Quality Analyst

Salar Mumtaz

Full Stack Developer

Selina Wu

Senior UI/UX Designer


Humble Assistant

Suzanne Ma

Lead Product Quality Analyst

Vik Kandeth

Account Strategist

Wuyue Xu

Full Stack Developer

Our Investors

Enterprise-Ready Solution

Access to over 45,000
publishers worldwide

Full inventory


Audience targeting

Creative and content
strategy consultations

Dedicated Customer
Success Manager

Phone or live
chat support

StackAdapt has been one of the best native ad platforms we have used to date. A+ client service accompanied by an easy to use reporting dashboard that has helped us stay up to date with what our media dollars are actually accomplishing.

Ash Sanh
Digital Media Specialist
I have personally tested multiple Native DSP solutions and none have been able to compete with StackAdapt's suite of tools, tech and performance.

Todd Meadow
Associate Manager
What I like the best is the support I receive from StackAdapt. It may be self-serve, but I know that I still have experts looking in on my campaigns and catching things I may have missed, or tips on optimization.

Cherie Raymond
Group Media Director