Our Story

Brought together by their passions for science and entrepreneurial aspirations, StackAdapt founders Ildar Shar, Vitaly Percherskiy, and Yang Han founded one of the most disruptive advertising platforms in 2013. Under their leadership and vision, StackAdapt is more than an advertising platform, it's a hub of innovation, imagination and creativity.  As one of the fastest growing tech startups in Toronto, StackAdapt doubled in size in the last year and continues to expand.

Our Mission

StackAdapt is the #1 performing native advertising platform helping brands accelerate customer engagement and acquisition. Our company's purpose is to fearlessly invent the future. We think that we are in a unique position, given our work in machine learning and data science, to understand the complexity of human behaviour. We believe our research will help us master the art of problem-solving, invent technology that helps solve some of the world's greatest challenges, and advance human existence by transcending our inherent limitations.

Our Team

Ildar Shar


Yang Han


Vitaly Pecherskiy


Aaron Pelz

Director of Finance

Adam Poleski

Account Executive

Afish Mahesaniya

Director of Engineering

Alexei Frolov

Full-Stack Intern

Andrew Youk

Lead Designer

Andy Woo

Director of Product

Bhavya Shah

Full-Stack Intern

Brandon Langevin

Account Strategist

Branko Mostic

Data Science Intern

Brendan Manley

Lead Account Strategist

Cherry Ye

PR Communications Manager

Chris St.John

Performance Customer Success Manager

Connie Yan

Product Quality Analyst

David Krutsko

Front End Engineer

David Yin

Full Stack Developer

Dordjaka Ednyashev

Product Manager

Ejaaz Merali

Data Science Intern

Eli Bardikoff

Senior Account Executive

Emma Hornsby

Product Quality Analyst

Eric Cai

Full Stack Developer

Ian CoKehyeng

Business Intelligence Analyst

Icy Liu

Intermediate Accountant

Isaac Bunn

Account Strategist

Isabel McCarten

Full Stack Developer

Ivan Perepelitca

Front End Engineer

Jennifer Tsao

Business Intelligence Analyst

Joanne Kim

Design Intern

Jocelyn O'Neill

Events Coordinator

Jon Ganesh

DevOps Engineer

Kenneth Li

Financial Analyst

Kenneth Yang

Full Stack Engineer

Kevin MacPhee

Full Stack Developer

Kevin Wang

Data Science Intern

Kristen Singh

UI/UX Designer

Larkin Liu

Data Scientist

Manfred Cheung

Front-End Intern

Marc Poulin

Full Stack Developer

Marek Dziedzic

Head of Operations

Markus Lutz

Head of Marketing

Martin Hauck

Director of Talent Acquisition

Mehmet Shah

Senior Accountant

Mel Bank

Customer Success Manager

Michael Shang

Programmatic Partnerships Manager

Michael Tassone

Business Development Representative

Michelle Hart

Customer Success Manager

Natalia Vassilieva

HR Manager

Nicolas Mazur

Product Specialist

Ricky Rong

Data Engineer

Salar Mumtaz

Full Stack Developer

Sarah Bui

Customer Success Manager

Selina Wu

Manager of Design

Spencer King

Customer Success Manager


Humble Assistant

Steve Diabo

Front End Engineer

Suzanne Ma

Lead Product Quality Analyst

Vijay Sridharan

Product Manager

Vik Kandeth

Performance Customer Success Manager

William Zhang

Data Engineer

Wuyue Xu

Full Stack Developer

Our Investors

Our Advantages

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Real-time Campaign

Intuitive Platform

No Monthly Minimums

Intent-based Targeting &
Retargeting Capabilities

Sophisticated Fraud Detection

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“I have personally tested multiple Native DSP solutions and none have been able to compete with StackAdapt's suite of tools, tech and performance.”

Ash Sanh

Digital Media Specialist