StackAdapt Video is a seamlessly integrated
channel to promote your video content

Formats that Perform:

Native Outstream
Non-intrusive user experience by delivering a video ad between the paragraphs of an article. The outstream format delivers high-performing video content that plays only when in-view.
Elevate your video assets with native headlines and body text.
A classic of video advertising, your short form video ad is delivered before, during or after a user’s intended video.
The video expands to fill a mobile screen.

Boost your video content

  • Connected to 15+ ad exchanges to reach audiences through video inventory across desktop, mobile and apps
  • Optimize towards completions or buy on a CPCV model
  • Retarget based on completed video views
  • Tier 1 inventory

Target with Precision

Deliver the best possible viewing experience to the most relevant audience with proprietary audience discovery, ability to onboard 1st party data, B2B targeting and more.

Optimize through Insights

StackAdapt Reporting and Insights provides transparent and customizable reporting capabilities by day, hour, domain, demographic, geo, device and audience segment. You’ll know exactly who engaged with your ads, how much time was spent viewing, conversion rates and costs.

Our Advantages

Powered by
Machine Learning

Real-time Campaign

Intuitive Platform

No Monthly Minimums

Intent-based Targeting &
Retargeting Capabilities

Sophisticated Fraud Detection

Transparent User Data
& Inventory

Customer Service

StackAdapt takes the G2 Crowd’s
“Best Video Advertising Platform” award

G2 Crowd has deemed StackAdapt the #1 Video Advertising platform

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