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For healthcare marketers, running a successful digital campaign is met with unique challenges and strict nuances. Like all digital advertising, healthcare campaigns need to reach the right audiences with captivating creative and informative messaging, but there is the overarching element to remain compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

We provide digital media expertise for B2C pharmaceutical, healthcare and over-the-counter, and B2B pharmaceutical campaign strategies.

Understand and Target Your Audience


Seek out non-traditional ways of engaging with healthcare providers and don't tend to make decisions based on healthcare plan deductibles.


  • Promote your healthcare rating
  • Demonstrate your clear path to convenient healthcare

Generation X

Value using digital tools to build personalized healthcare plans that will lead to greater health and lifestyle wellness.


  • Use messaging around living a longer and more independent life
  • Consider reaching this target audience in non-traditional ways

Baby Boomers

Build long term relationships with their healthcare providers and as such, are less likely to use a walk-in clinic regularly.


  • Create healthcare-related information to amplify to this target audience
  • Leverage video ads


  • Average household income $67,600
  • Owns and actively uses a smartphone


  • Average household income $100,000+
  • Uses social media actively


  • Average household income ~$80,000
  • Actively uses both a smartphone and a tablet

Own the Patient Journey


  • Patients begin with a search engine query, which drives them to websites such as Mayo Clinic and WebMD
  • They also rely on search, social, forums and online communities, to understand their symptoms early on


  • Patients contribute to online forums and seek out similar cases to narrow their pre-treatment research
  • They visit brand sites, review sites and provider directories to understand and develop the start of a treatment plan


  • Patients actively visit and contribute to forums and social media sites to educate themselves on treatment options, drug alternatives and therapies
  • Patients will select a provider to gather expert information and seek out professional treatments


  • Post-treatment, patients often share their experiences, including side effects, symptom control and disease management
  • Patients revert back to researching their personal healthcare online, throughout the treatment and management process

Convey Compliant and Creative Messages

Don't let HIPAA compliance stifle your campaign creativity. HIPAA compliant ad units display Important Safety Information (ISI) without intruding on the impact and engagement of your messaging.

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