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Programmatic in-game ads integrate seamlessly into gameplay to promote your brand.

In-game advertising offers marketers a unique opportunity to drive brand awareness and connect with gamers, a highly-influential audience that's fully immersed in gameplay.

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Gravity Rider Zero by Vivid Games.

Why In-Game

The gaming industry has been an underutilized ad channel by advertisers, until now. With the industry valued at $300 billion USD, and over 3.2 billion gamers worldwide who spend about 8 hours and 27 minutes each week playing games, brands are tapping into this unique ad channel to reach engaged consumers.

In-game ads can appear in mobile, computer, and console video games, giving you an opportunity to place your brand in front of a highly-engaged gaming audience.

Person playing a game on their smartphone

Benefits of In-Game Advertising

Top reasons why in-game advertising needs to be part of your digital marketing mix:

Connect your brand with an engaged audience who is unlikely to be multitasking.

Engage your target consumer with non-disruptive messaging.

Enhance your brand memorability in a 100% viewable environment.

Reach an influential audience that stays on top of trends and advises purchases.

Explore Blended In-Game Ad Formats

With StackAdapt, you can run blended in-game ad formats on mobile or PC games. These ads blend seamlessly into the look and feel of the game environment, not interrupting gameplay.

Illustration of a blended in-game display ad format on a billboard in a racing video game. YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO ESCAPE TO THE BEACH
Illustration of a blended in-game display ad format on a billboard in a racing video game. ESCAPE TO THE BEACH

Blended in-game ads are non-intrusive, highly viewable, use large text and logo, have a clear call to action that's not clickable, and drive high-brand recall.

Illustration of a blended in-game display ad format on a billboard in a racing video game. YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO

Video ads are a powerful storytelling tool used to make an emotional connection with a brand. They convey a lot of information in a short video view.

Illustration of a blended in-game video ad format playing on a billboard in a racing video game. ESCAPE TO THE BEACH
Illustration of a blended in-game display ad format on a billboard in a racing video game. ESCAPE TO THE BEACH

Tailor your ad to the in-game environment and place your logo prominently to build brand recognition. Avoid small details, use high-contrasting colours, large font, and include a clear CTA.

Illustration of an in-game ad with a large brand logo prominently displayed on a billboard

Discover the Advantages of In-Game Advertising With StackAdapt

Multi-Channel Impact Brand Awareness Educate Evaluate Drive Conversions
Conversion funnel starting with Brand Awareness at the top followed by Educate, Evaluate, and Drive Conversions Brand Awareness Educate Evaluate Drive Conversions

Multi-Channel Impact

Create a cohesive story across native, display, video, audio, CTV, and in-game, and reach consumers throughout the funnel. Build brand awareness with in-game, audio and CTV ads, educate through native, share your brand story with video, and drive conversions with display.

Animated graphic of the globe with scattered blue dots depicting locations

A Global Reach

Access inventory across the most impactful suppliers and gaming platforms around the world, including countries in North America, EMEA, and APAC. We work with global in-game inventory supply sources, such as Anzu, Frameplay, Adverty, AdInMo, and Qortex as part of our robust in-game offering.

Why StackAdapt

Execute Multi-Channel Campaigns

Plan, execute, and analyze your programmatic campaigns in all ad formats on a single platform. Our multi-channel offering allows you to create full-funnel campaigns with confidence and ease.

  • Native

    • Offer interesting, educational, and entertaining stories in familiar environments.
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  • Display

    • Lift the performance of other channels and serve highly interactive HTML5 creatives.
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  • Video

    • Engage your audience in complex or emotional stories—ideal for brand building.
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  • Connected TV

    • Reach your TV viewers with data-driven targeting and analytics.
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  • Audio

    • Speak to quality audiences in screen-free moments.
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  • In-Game

    • Reach an engaged audience with highly-viewable, non-intrusive ads during gameplay.
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Grow Incremental Reach With a Gaming Audience

Over 3 billion people across the globe play video games! Today, gamers are of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics. Retarget this audience with a multi-channel campaign and drive them further down the funnel.

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Gaming Inventory Across All

Leverage the opportunity to test new marketing strategies and reach a valued, savvy, and influential gaming audience at the top of the funnel across all game genres, including racing, sports, role playing, strategy, and so much more.

Tap Into Leading In-Game Inventory

Partner with StackAdapt to access the most exclusive and market leading in-game inventory across some of the biggest game titles produced by known video game publishers.

Work With an Industry Leader

We pride ourselves on our client support, platform performance, and tech innovation. Our clients are amazed at how easy it is to launch their programmatic advertising campaigns making StackAdapt the Number 1 Demand-Side Platform (DSP) in the industry according to G2 year after year for customer satisfaction and platform ease of use.

StackAdapt Resources

In-game advertising refers to ads that appear in mobile, computer, and console games. Blended in-game ads are a type of in-game ad format that are non-clickable, 100% viewable, and non-disruptive, blending seamlessly into the gaming environment by appearing on billboards in a racing game, on walls in strategy games, or on a player's jersey in a sports game.

This unique ad channel is a great way for advertisers and brands to reach an engaged audience who is unlikely to be multitasking, build brand awareness, and nurture long-lasting relationships with their target consumer.

Gaming has become a mainstream, social pastime for users of all ages and backgrounds. Here's a look at some key details and insights to help you understand who gamers are, their interests, and attitude toward purchasing decisions.

  • Gamers spent about 8 hours and 27 minutes each week playing games.
  • 55% of gamers identified as male, and 45% identified as female.
  • 64% of US adults and 70% of those under 18 regularly play video games.
  • 92% of US parents pay attention to the games that their kids play.
  • 52% of gamers in the US have a college education.
  • Gamers have spending power; those who play 10+ hours a week have 2x more disposable income than non-gamers.
  • Gamers are savvy and influential. According to Anzu research, 51% of gamers advise others and 47% influence others. And, 46% try to be the first to know about new stuff, like emerging tech and new fashion.

In the advertising space, blended or intrinsic in-game ads are placed seamlessly into a virtual environment. Instead of intrusive ad pop-ups, the blended in-game ad format doesn't interrupt gameplay. Blended in-game ads are non-clickable and non-disruptive. They blend seamlessly into the gaming environment through the form of billboards, on walls, or on a player's jersey. And the best part is that gamers are highly engaged in gameplay, giving advertisers a huge opportunity to place your brand in front of your target consumer.

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