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For financial services marketers, the portfolio of offerings is deep and broad. It is also more competitive and open to disruptors. Spanning both B2C and B2B, coupled with a year-round money-minded consumer who is craving independence in their financial decision making, there is a lot of opportunity to level up on the customer experience.

We provide digital media expertise for retail banking, mortgages and loans, financial planning and investing, insurance, and tax service campaign strategies.

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Understand and Target Your Audience

Your audiences will differ depending on your service offering. Tune into generational consumer needs and behaviours and target accordingly. Take this snapshot into consideration:

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Composed mostly of millennials, they value using digital tools for their personal finances and expect convenience and faster service for their banking needs. Open to switching financial institutions.



Know your audience—this generation is least likely to take out a personal loan or mortgage, so don't let your media dollars go to waste.

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This banking consumer is the Gen Xer. They value accessing a range of digital services but as their financial needs are complex, they welcome help and support from a financial partner.

Gen Xer


Make them feel at ease with your offerings because Gen Xers exhibit a great deal of stress when it comes to their personal finances and the amount of debt they will carry into retirement.

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The baby boomer values building long-term relationships with their financial institutions and access to personal service. They rarely acquire new financial products.

Baby Boomer

Baby Boomers

With the highest average personal loan balance by generation, they hold the majority of their wealth in their homes and are least likely to take out a new mortgage but most likely to take out a loan to manage personal debt.

Bank on the Financial Journey

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  • When selecting a new financial institution, prospects begin with a search engine query, which drives them to websites and blogs
  • Additional reliance on search and social, as well as word-of-mouth referrals
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  • Customers contribute to online forums and prospects seek out similar people to justify research
  • Prospects visit retail bank and credit union websites to learn more about the financial products available
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Decision Making

  • After lengthy research, prospects make their decision to choose a financial institution based on range of services available, Terms and Conditions for accounts, as well as lending conditions
  • In this final stage, prospects still rely on online forums and websites, as well as referrals from friends and family
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Sign Up

  • Once the decision has been made, a prospect will begin the process of setting up their financial products with an institution either online, in-person, or over the phone

Attract Attention and Engagement

To research and buy financial products, consumers are using the web, and especially mobile. Designing creative and messaging to fit the device and the audience is paramount to capturing attention and driving engagement.

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