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What is the StackAdapt Academy?

The StackAdapt Academy is an industry-leading, free, online educational resource offering digital advertising courses to equip current and future marketers with the skills needed to accelerate their careers and create winning campaigns for their clients. Join thousands of professionals who have taken our course and get certified in programmatic advertising!

Join thousands of advertisers who are mastering programmatic advertising.

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Take Our Courses and Become an Exceptional Marketer

Acquire the knowledge you need to keep pace with the latest programmatic advertising strategies, so you can offer your clients insights today and tomorrow. Here's just some of the benefits of taking our free courses:

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Become an Expert
and Get Certified

Earn a StackAdapt Academy certification badge to bring authority to your professional profile and confidence to your campaigns.

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Advance Your Programmatic Skills

Whether you're just getting started, an expert in the industry, or a StackAdapt user, our courses offer valuable programmatic insights.

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Supercharge Your Campaign Results

Start delivering better campaign results for your advertising strategies that work across all digital media.

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B2B Advertising Mini Course

Take our 30 min B2B marketing course to walk away with a comprehensive look at the B2B industry and how to get started with a programmatic strategy.

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StackAdapt Training For Our Clients

As a StackAdapt client, your learning never stops. We've created courses and training tailored to your unique needs—from in-depth training of our platform, to walkthroughs of StackAdapt features—we're here to help you stay ahead of industry trends and be empowered to drive excellent campaign results.

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Why Enroll in the StackAdapt Academy?

At every stage in digital marketing—from defining the strategy, to running and analyzing the campaigns, it's important to stay razor sharp! Let our programmatic advertising training get you there.

Haley Wiaz headshot

Haley Wiaz

Scale Marketing|Associate Director

The StackAdapt Academy helped our team fully transition to a self-service model, and now our traders feel confident in the platform to drive successful campaigns. The mini modules and continually updated webinars help our agency keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

Chris Uzzo headshot

Chris Uzzo

Zero Gravity Marketing|CEO and Founder

The StackAdapt Academy has helped our agency to level up our marketing efforts. The easy-to-consume information and streamlined format have allowed team members of all skill sets to learn the StackAdapt platform and gain a stronger understanding of programmatic marketing with ease.

Dan Wachowski headshot

Dan Wachowski

Lever |Director, Paid Media

Lever has gained significant advantages from the comprehensive online education resources provided by the StackAdapt Academy. Our team members have acquired expertise by completing the platform and programmatic education courses, enabling us to offer our clients exceptional recommendations and opportunities.

Adam Pytro headshot

Adam Pytro

BuyMeMedia|Head of Channel Strategy

The StackAdapt Academy is one of our favourite places to hang out when we have down time around the office. From the mini-modules to the webinars, to the certified courses, everything that is available in the Academy helps us to make the most of StackAdapt's capabilities.

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