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Understand and Target Your Audience

Deal Seekers

Consumers across incomes learned to economize during the Great Recession (2007 to 2009) and see no reason to change their behaviour.


  • Provide value with discounts or loyalty program offers
  • Be mobile as they use smartphones in-store to seek deals

Luxury Shoppers

The luxury shopper has the means to purchase luxury items at will, without concern for finances.


  • Promote secret and exclusive brand experiences
  • Lure luxury shoppers with highly personalised online experiences

Gen Z Shoppers

Gen Z wants brands to have a positive purpose that improves the world in some way—such as being carbon conscious and socially aware.


  • Communicate your purpose and values
  • Improve the online experience with quality rich media ads

Millennial Shoppers

Because they grew up in a tech-savvy world, millennials have grown to expect hyper-relevant advertising.


  • Make shoppable content a key strategy
  • Leverage CTV, as 60% seek out more information after exposure
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  • Deal seekers extend across ages, income levels and regions
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  • Average household income $125k to $250k
  • 67% are aged 25-44 and 58% are male
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  • Born 1997 onward
  • Uses a laptop to shop online (63% of Gen Zs do)
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  • Spends more online than other generations
  • Looking for convenience, affordability and relies on reviews

Own the Retail Purchase Journey Online and Offline

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Triggers and Influencers


  • Online ads
  • Digital influencers
  • Online shops
  • Email promotions


  • Connected TV ads
  • Physical shops
  • Talking to friends or family
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Product and Company Research


  • Online reviews
  • Company websites


  • Video completion retargeting with display or native
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When and Where to Buy


  • E-commerce stores
  • Mobile


  • Physical stores
  • Ad retargeting
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Experience and Feedback


  • Seller/brand website
  • Online forums
  • Social media platforms


  • Sharing with friends or family

Connected to the Platforms That Power Your Retail Campaigns

Consumer action, such as footfall traffic, is the measure of success in the retail industry. Connect the digital world to real world offline behaviours by leveraging a location intelligence vendor.

Attract Attention and Engagement

The ability to assert your creative prowess in the retail industry is limitless, especially with rich media ads. Consider leveraging carousel and lookbook units, or dynamic retargeting.

An example of a display ad for a summer dress with a "Buy It Now" call to action Flower Dress $49.99 CAD XS S M White Orange Add To Cart Flower Dress $49.99 Buy It Now

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