As a destination marketer you need a strong digital advertising strategy. One that leverages the various opportunities to connect with potential travelers, individuals on the move or when travelers want to share their experience post-travel.

How can StackAdapt’s Native Advertising Platform
help you achieve your destination marketing goals?

Targeted Opportunities

Who are you looking to capture? Is it a general audience looking to travel. Or individuals that are already
expressing interest in your destination.
StackAdapt targeting will help you reach the most relevant audience

Custom Segments

StackAdapt Custom Segments can identify individuals actively looking for flights/hotels/activities to and from your destination based on the content they are consuming

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamically retarget individuals showing high purchase intent with ads that personalize the image, headline and copy based on the nature of their prior website activity, including destination, flight price and timing

Flexible Bid Strategies

Leverage different bidding models based on the KPIs for your campaign including CPM, CPC and CPE - Cost Per Engagement means you only pay for users who stay on your landing page for 15 seconds or longer

Reporting & Insights

Extensive and transparent reporting in StackAdapt provides everything you need to analyze data and insights to adjust current campaigns on the fly or shape future strategies

Native Runs Best on StackAdapt

Built for travel marketers and brands. Accelerate customer engagement and acquisition

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Our Advantages

Powered by
Machine Learning

Real-time Campaign

Intuitive Platform

No Monthly Minimums

Intent-based Targeting &
Retargeting Capabilities

Sophisticated Fraud Detection

Transparent User Data
& Inventory

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StackAdapt Creative Studio applies award-winning best practices to the creatives of
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