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Understand and Target Your Audience

Affluent Travellers

Affluent Americans account for 49% of total travel expenditures. They take 3-5 leisure trips a year and they enjoy being treated like a VIP.


  • Showcase exclusive experiences
  • Consider competitor conquesting

Budget Travellers

Frugal, smart, mostly young and looking for the best value options. They look for accommodation that provides easy access to public transportation and attractions.


  • Offer 'Early Bird' discounts
  • Promote off-season travel deals

Baby Boomer Travellers

Shorter trips, pre-planned tours and packages and trips focused on a theme are likely to attract this generation who control 70% of disposable income in the United States.


  • Promote experiences and activities
  • Use value messaging

Millennial Travellers

Travel is a top aspiration for 57% of 24-39 year olds. They seek culturally significant destinations when travelling a total of 35 days a year.


  • Feature diverse activities
  • Device targeting on any screen, especially while travelling
A headshot of Robert


  • Average household income $100,000+
  • Average household travel spend $6,400
A headshot of Janice


  • Average household travel spend $4,400
  • Typically millennial or Gen Z, aged 18 to 39 in 2020
A headshot of Mary


  • Born 1946-1964, ages 56 to 74 in 2020
  • Average household travel spend $6,600
A headshot of James


  • Average household travel spend $4,400
  • 44% travelling as families with children

Own the Travel Planning Journey

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Inspiration Stage


Inspire travel and put your brand top-of-mind before prospects even begin to consider their travel options.


Use custom audience segments to target people looking at inspirational content such as "Top 10 Best Places To Travel" articles.

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Discovery Stage


Drive brand engagement and affinity. Provide ideas for what travellers can do at a specific destination.


Use custom audience segments to target people for flights and accommodations to and from your destination. For example, people browsing "Top 10 Tourist Attractions in France."

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Booking Stage


Drive travellers to book or purchase.


Use dynamic retargeting to capture high purchase intenders that browsed your website and serve them a customized ad.

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Travel Stage


Find people in transit and anticipate their needs, finding moments to upsell and cross-sell.


Use IP data and geotargeting to serve ads in known travel locations such as airports, train stations, cafes and hotels.

Attract Attention and Engagement

With the luxury of being a very visual industry, consider incorporating compelling ad formats to attract attention and engagement. Video plays a big role for travellers and innovative formats—native stories work well to capture those "getaway" moments.

An example of an ad on a cell phone for a travel company with a luxurious beach vacation
First Travel Destination Second Travel Destination Third Travel Destination
Travel Company

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