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Formats that Perform

In-feed Native Ad
Pioneered by social platforms, in-feed native advertising is the most common form of native ad. It includes promoted listings and paid results
StackAdapt Exclusive
In-ad Native
Using the elements of a native ad - image, headline, body and brand logo - in-ad native ads occur within display inventory of a given page. Advertisers can achieve greater reach while still using the elements that make native ads so engaging, when native inventory is limited
Content Recommendation
Typically found at the bottom of an article, content discovery widgets can reach a wide audience in a cost-effective manner through content recommendation

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Track Time on Site

Use time on site to determine whether your ads drive meaningful engagements and pay only for individuals who are truly engaging with your content. Cost Per Engagement or Engagement Pricing means you only pay for users who spend at least 15 seconds on site after they have clicked. Integrated with Google Data Studio, Google Analytics and TapClicks

Target with Precision

Deliver the best possible viewing experience to the most relevant audience with proprietary audience discovery, ability to onboard 1st party data, B2B targeting and more.

Optimize through Insights

StackAdapt Reporting and Insights provides transparent and customizable reporting capabilities by day, hour, domain, demographic, geo, device and audience segment. You’ll know exactly who engaged with your ads, how much time was spent viewing, conversion rates and costs.

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