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An Exciting Talent Recruitment

Our Talent team is structured by function and region. Each of our hiring managers have dedicated help in their respective time zones!

StackAdapt is growing! To support that growth, we need to attract outstanding talent all around the world. Our talent acquisition team recruits for a variety of different roles, learns the ins and outs of the thriving adtech industry, and is given the support they need to succeed.

Creating a Company Culture Like No Other

Building Inclusive and
Diverse Teams

We're committed to building inclusive and diverse teams, creating a company culture with our people at the centre, and an environment that promotes work-life balance. We want our people to be excited to come to work every day. We also want them to log off, recharge, and focus on personal life.

Amazing Learning and Development

Our Learning and Development team gets to create programs that allow our people to flourish in their career. They're in charge of our immersive two-week onboarding program, people manager and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) awareness, and equipping our people with the tools they need to succeed.

Plant in a pot

Let's lead, develop, and build great teams together. Start your HR career right here.

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Benefits and Perks of a People and Culture Job

Get to work with everyone at StackAdapt!

Play a lead role in our global expansion efforts.

Be part of a supportive, friendly, and encouraging team that celebrates each other's wins.

Create learning and development programs that will allow people to flourish in their career.

StackAdapt team member having lunch.

Professional Development at StackAdapt

At StackAdapt, you shape the future of your own career. How far you take it is up to you! We give you the tools, resources, and guidance to elevate your career.

Where Are They Now in Their Career

StackAdapters share how they got started:

Started in


Role at start

HR Manager


VP, People and Culture

Natalia Vassilieva, StackAdapt

Started in


Role at start

Manager of People & Culture


Director of People

Gelicia Walpole, StackAdapt

Started in

January 2021

Role at start

Talent Specialist


People Business Partner

Ainsley Foubister, StackAdapt

What Makes StackAdapt a Great Place to Work

Lauren Medina

Associate Talent Business Partner


There are so many things that make StackAdapt a great place to work, but the one thing that comes to mind is the people. I work alongside some of the most intelligent and creative people in the industry, which is what makes our product so competitive and innovative from the rest.

Gelicia Walpole

Director of People, EMEA and APAC


I love working at StackAdapt for a number of reasons, but here are my top two. First, it's the people. I am surrounded by an incredible team of StackAdapters who inspire and motivate me to do better. Second, it's trust. The leaders, managers and everyone I work with trust and empower me to do my job.

Krista Campbell

Senior Director, People and DEIB


The diversity within our teams is refreshing. StackAdapt is a place where your authentic voice is heard, understood, and respected. Where you feel like you are part of the collective, a true professional home.

Life at StackAdapt

What's it like working at StackAdapt? In our "Life In Adtech" blog series, our team provides a sneak peek into the company as they share stories about their journey in adtech. Enjoy!

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