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A Career in Finance That's
Continuously Evolving

When you join a company that never sits still, you won't either. Our finance jobs are continuously evolving as we expand our operations, enter new markets, and implement new software.

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Opportunity for Finance Career Growth

We offer endless learning opportunities in our high-growth organization and the ever-changing programmatic industry. In the finance career path, we provide support, guidance, mentorship, and every opportunity to contribute to all aspects of the finance function.

Finance Jobs Across
Different Functions

Our Finance team loves numbers! They also deeply care about the
product and continuously look for robust solutions that support the
needs of a rapidly growing business.

Controllership Team

Help build, develop, and oversee StackAdapt's daily accounting operations, including payroll, and accounts payable.

Internal Auditors

Test, consult, and advise on finance and business projects, making sure StackAdapt has strong controls in place.

Credit and Collections

Support the credit approval process of new and existing clients, and accurately process payment.

Finance Planning and Analysis

Perform budgeting, forecasting, and provide analysis to the Senior Leadership team.

Finance Operations

Drive the effectiveness and efficiency of financial and operational functions.

Tax and Treasury

Lead StackAdapt's tax planning and treasury strategy for the worldwide group.

Plant in a pot

Join our Finance team and play a role in providing expertise and insight to maximize our overall profitability.

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Benefits and Perks of a Finance Job

Grow within the finance function and the company into leadership roles.

Work collaboratively with passionate people across different functions.

Utilize the latest technology and software to get the job done.

Receive support from team members professionally and personally.

StackAdapt team member part of the Engineering team.

Professional Development at StackAdapt

At StackAdapt, you shape the future of your own career. How far you take it is up to you! We give you the tools, resources, and guidance to elevate your career.

Where Are They Now in Their Career

StackAdapters share how they got started:

Started in


Role at start

Senior Accountant



Mehmet Shah, StackAdapt

Started in


Role at start

Junior Accountant


Director of Finance

Icy Liu, StackAdapt

Started in


Role at start

Junior Accountant


Financial Analyst

JC Dalumpines, StackAdapt

What Makes StackAdapt a Great Place to Work

Emily Truong

Manager, Taxation and Treasury


I take care of the day-to-day tax issues and obligations faced by the company globally. I enjoy what I do and I get to learn so much about the programmatic advertising space, meet talented and bright individuals, work collaboratively with members cross functionally, and enjoy all the great perks. I feel very lucky to be part of StackAdapt!

Eric D'Andrea

Senior Accounts Receivable Analyst


I love the people at StackAdapt. No matter the department you are working in or who you are speaking with, everyone welcomes you with open arms. There is always new and exciting change happening, and you always feel like you are part of an innovative and supportive work environment.

Kento Darracott

Senior Credit Analyst


Working at StackAdapt is exciting and fun. It gives me the opportunity to work alongside great people day in and day out that are not just in my department. This cross-collaboration culture that StackAdapt promotes allows me to learn and develop from all the great people who work here.

Life at StackAdapt

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