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Make Positive Product Decisions

Every decision our Product team makes has the potential to have a significant impact on the ad tech industry. This team gets to collaborate with everyone at StackAdapt! They work with the Sales and Client Services team listening to client's feedback, engineers and designers developing new features, and the Marketing team when it's time to take the product to market.

A Career in Product Management Is About Delivering the Right Solutions

Client Feedback Drives Innovation

Our clients are in the driver's seat using our platform every day. When our clients share feedback, we listen. It's then the job of the Product team to come up with solutions, prioritize what to build, manage expectations, set delivery timelines, and see the project from development to launch.

Product Designers Are a Key Pillar

Our product designers help turn ideas into tangible results. They're involved from the start as we ideate, refine, and validate client feedback, then go through wireframes, engineering, testing, and market launch. It's thanks to their keen eye that our clients rave about how easy it is to use our platform.

Plant in a pot

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Benefits and Perks of a Product Management Job

Collaborate with talented and creative individuals across different teams.

Be part of a fast-growing team with full autonomy to make a large impact.

Take a product idea from ideation and validation all the way to design, development, and release.

Witness how your contributions to product development impact the growth of StackAdapt.

StackAdapt team member part of the Product Management team.

Professional Development at StackAdapt

At StackAdapt, you shape the future of your own career. How far you take it is up to you! We give you the tools, resources, and guidance to elevate your career.

Where Are They Now in Their Career

StackAdapters share how they got started:

Started in


Role at start

Product Quality Analyst


Product Manager

Nicolas Mazur, StackAdapt

Started in


Role at start

Product Manager


Senior Director of Product Management

Vijay Sridharan, StackAdapt

Started in


Role at start

Campaign Optimization Manager


Product Operations Manager

Mazharul Elahi, StackAdapt

What Makes StackAdapt a Great Place to Work

Cloris Qian

Senior Product Designer


The open culture, flexibility, and great people make StackAdapt an incredible workplace. The company has a clear direction and is focused on its team members' satisfaction, which makes us feel valued and connected. The team always strives to produce high-quality work. We constantly challenge the status quo, collaboratively identify areas for improvements, and ensure everyone's voice is heard.

Sogol Fathian

Senior Product Manager


I enjoy talking to our customers directly and receiving continuous feedback from the Sales teams. This enables me to understand the problems I'm trying to solve. I love that I have all the necessary tools and the autonomy to get started all the while knowing that I have the support I need to design and create the right solutions.

Vijay Sridharan

Senior Director of Product Management


I love working at StackAdapt because of the people and the culture! There are no silos, no walls, everyone feels heard and valued. In my role, I get to empower members of the product team, remove any roadblocks that may exist, evaluate product initiatives, develop product strategy, and ensure that the product is meeting user needs.

Life at StackAdapt

What's it like working at StackAdapt? In our "Life In Adtech" blog series, our team provides a sneak peek into the company as they share stories about their journey in adtech. Enjoy!

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