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Our Data Engineers
Develop Solutions

The brilliant minds of the data engineering team understand sophisticated machine learning algorithms and take on the most challenging problems. They innovate and build solutions that power the StackAdapt platform.

Take On Challenging Problems With a Career in Data Science

Algorithm Innovation

Our engineers and data scientists design algorithms to make real-time decisions for the best ad placement.

Culture of Ownership

Our team members are encouraged to explore projects and ideas to continuously improve our sophisticated data processing systems.

Plant in a pot

Let's solve complex mathematical problems together, creating solutions that make a difference.

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Benefits and Perks of a Data Science Job

Create new artificial intelligence (AI) and data science projects that contribute to StackAdapt's success.

Work on, design, and understand all of the state-of-the-art algorithms backing optimized ad delivery.

Work collaboratively on a team with enormously sized datasets.

Learn new technologies and mechanisms to handle complex problems.

StackAdapt team member part of the Data Science team.

Professional Development at StackAdapt

At StackAdapt, you shape the future of your own career. How far you take it is up to you! We give you the tools, resources, and guidance to elevate your career.

Where Are They Now in Their Career

StackAdapters share how they got started:

Started in


Role at start

Senior Data Scientist


VP of Data Science

Ned Dimitrov, StackAdapt

Started in


Role at start

Data Scientist


Technical Manager, Data Science

Amy Wang, StackAdapt

Started in


Role at start

Senior Data Engineer


Staff Data Engineer

Yong Liang, StackAdapt

What Makes StackAdapt a Great Place to Work

Zeynep Akkalyoncu

Lead Data Scientist


The data scientists and engineers build sophisticated machine learning solutions that transform massive amounts of data into efficient and valuable products and insights that give StackAdapt an edge in the programmatic ad tech industry. We work on numerous projects that span technologies from numerical optimization to natural language processing.

Arthur Faisman

Lead Data Engineer


We work on Core ML of an internet-scale platform solving algorithmic problems in both distributed and centralized computing. The team is a tight-knit, highly-competent, and very friendly group of engineers and data scientists. We get all the benefits of working on a small team while powering a product with the impact of a huge company!

James Duyck

Staff Data Engineer


As a data engineer, StackAdapt offers a lot of interesting problems and opportunities for learning. StackAdapt strikes a good balance between the best practices and domain knowledge of an established company, and the flexibility and innovation of a startup. I've had opportunities to learn about technologies I haven't used before, and to design new systems.

Life at StackAdapt

What's it like working at StackAdapt? In our "Life In Adtech" blog series, our team provides a sneak peek into the company as they share stories about their journey in adtech. Enjoy!

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