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Powered by LiveRamp, StackAdapt clients can now onboard a brand’s CRM data onto the StackAdapt platform for targeting through native, display and video advertising channels. StackAdapt customers realize the advantages of people-based marketing, executing full funnel strategies, and security of their 1st-party data with this partnership.

As the industry matures and grows, it has become increasingly important to ensure all marketing is data-driven to create the most seamless experience for the consumer. In the expansive and complex world of the internet, marketers find it more difficult to identify audiences accurately and consistently. Identity resolution ties back to real consumers and makes it possible to onboard that data for people-based marketing initiatives across digital channels.

Executing full-funnel strategies helps advertisers personalize, optimize and connect consumer ad experiences across channels, realize an increase in conversions, and ultimately reduce media waste in a privacy-first manner. Consumers, in turn, benefit from ads that are less intrusive, more relevant and highly-personalized (based on de-identified attributes), in the format and across the device that they are most receptive to, at a given point in time.

Digital agencies with a portfolio of vertically diverse clients—including travel, retail, finance, B2B, political, and healthcare—will have more tools in their arsenal to drive consumer sales.

For example, an outdoor sporting goods retailer can now build a full-funnel targeting strategy:

  • Starting with 3rd-party segments at the top.
  • Using geo radius targeting, StackAdapt’s custom audience segments and/or lookalike targeting in the middle.
  • And CRM data and dynamic retargeting at the bottom.

LiveRamp connects 1st and 3rd-party capabilities for optimal precision.

Enhanced Privacy and Data Security

When onboarding CRM data onto the platform, StackAdapt is never exposed to the sensitive 1st-party data. LiveRamp handles the entire ingestion of CRM lists and then, via the sync with StackAdapt, passes de-identified data that can then be targeted.

Marketers work hard to obtain their 1st-party data and continually look for ways to maximize it.

By leveraging StackAdapt’s self-serve programmatic advertising platform together with LiveRamp’s CRM onboarding capabilities, brands can re-engage audiences and drive better marketing results, knowing that they remain the owners of their data.

Want more information on how you can leverage LiveRamp segments? Request a demo to learn more about StackAdapt.

StackAdapt Team
StackAdapt Team



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