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From Campaign Planning to Execution, Seamlessly

The Planner centralizes campaign planning and execution. You provide your parameters, like budget, goals and geos, to generate forecasts and benchmarks for predicting programmatic campaign results in real-time.

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Create pre-optimized campaigns prior to launch.

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Be best equipped with the smartest way to spend your budget.

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Identify the highest-value audiences.

An example of a planner to help with campaign planning and execution Geotargeting
Chicago × New York × Toronto × Las Vegas × Vancouver × Illinois × California ×
Enable Geo Exclusion
Audience Targeting Interest & Intent
Fitness Enthusiast ×
21+ × Male ×
Custom Segments ×
Inventory Native Display Video CTV Goal and Budget Goal Type Goal Amount Budget CPM Bid CPC $ 1.5 $ 10,000 $ 6
User provides parameters for an ad, like geotargeting locations, budget, and goals to generate forecasts and benchmarks Forecasting Save Impression Drop-Off Estimate Update Forecast
Geotargeting Audience Targeting Inventory Goal & Budget
-20% -20% -20%
800,000 640,000 512,000 409,600

From Ad to Placement, Real Previews

Unique to StackAdapt, our Ad Previewer enables you to see how your display, video and native ad creatives will appear on select domains. Don't fly blind before you launch.

Ad Previewer feature at StackAdapt allows users to preview an ad, its placement, and visual in a web browser Ad Previewer Finance Retail Healthcare Government Travel
Text Placeholder Shoes

The New Summer Styles

Skip the crowds, parking lots and hassle. Get the latest trends without leaving your house.

From Concept to Creation, With Creative Studio

Depending on your campaign goal, the Creative Studio can help tailor creatives to meet your desired KPI. Leverage the expertise of Creative Strategists who work across several verticals, to help your campaign deliver and leave a lasting impression.

Women in yellow sweat pants and yellow crop top with a hoodie Example of an interactive HTML5 ad format that StackAdapt's Creative Studio can help design



with us

Other Ways to Plan With StackAdapt

Place pixels to start generating an audience.

Browse through the pre-packaged deals or request a custom deal.

Select audiences from our Third-Party Catalogue, proprietary Custom Segments, or your 1st-party CRM data.

Maximize Your Programmatic Strategy

Partner with the top-ranking DSP in the market.

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