The One-Stop Shop for Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and insights on your StackAdapt campaigns are not only robust but streamlined too. You can analyze campaign performance metrics, uncover data-driven insights, and export and schedule reports—all from one view.

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Comprehensive in-platform dashboard with campaign-level reporting and insights; no need to rely on Excel exports.

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Extensive advertising campaign reporting options that you can completely customize and schedule.

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Various lookback windows emailed at your preferred cadence.

Your Exports Graphic Your Exports Campaign Advertiser Campaign Type Date All Campaigns All Advertisers All Types 2022/01/01 – 2022/01/31 Reporting Graphic Reporting Save Export Your Exports Per Day
May 1 May 2 May 3 May 4 May 5 May 6 May 7
Campaign Impressions Clicks Media Cost Conversions CTR Campaign 1 300,200 3,000 $100,000 10% 0.3% Campaign 2 400,200 2,000 $200,000 12% 0.5% Campaign 3 500,500 1,000 $300,000 15% 0.8%
Supply 1 Supply 2 Supply 3 Supply 4 Supply 5 Supply 6 Supply 7
Campaign Supply Source Impressions Clicks Media Cost Conversions Campaign Supply Source 1 300,200 3,000 $100,000 10% Supply Source 2 400,200 2,000 $200,000 12% Supply Source 3 500,500 1,000 $300,000 15%

The Foundation of Our Entire DSP

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence isn't just a feature in StackAdapt. It is the foundation upon which the entire demand-side platform (DSP) is built.

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Campaigns are executed by artificial intelligence engines, allowing for human insight and intervention to guide the way.

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Machine learning is applied at the time of the bid request to predict the likelihood of fraud, and to ensure the auction is bidding on a real audience.

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Multiple KPI optimization options sets StackAdapt apart from other DSPs: price, CPC/CTR, engagement, view.

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Go the Last Mile in Analyzing Campaigns

As consumer attention has shifted online, and more frequently to mobile, you'll need a means to connect the digital world with offline behaviours. Measure foot traffic lift to your brick and mortar locations for accurate attribution to your campaigns.

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Other Ways to Analyze With StackAdapt

Got Slack? We have an integration for you. The first DSP to provide useful and timely notifications about the overall health of your StackAdapt campaigns, in Slack

Bring your StackAdapt campaign data into Google Data Studio, TapClicks or and leverage their interactive dashboards and reports, along with all your other data

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