3 Campaign Hacks that Save You Time and Money


Spooked by the thought of setting up your next programmatic ad campaign? Worried you’re not being as efficient as you could be? Here are three tricks (and treats) to make sure you’re creepin’ it real as holiday campaign season approaches.

Even with a great user interface and constant customer support, today’s technology requires a healthy dose of planning and strategy. That being said, there are a handful features that can make campaign set up that much easier and ensure you’re optimizing your programmatic budgets. Here are our top 3:

1. Multi-Flight Campaigns

If you’re someone who usually sets up multiple versions of the same campaign because you require specific start and end dates (usually based on past performance), save yourself time by setting up a multi-flight campaign. This feature means you no longer have to set up and run separate campaigns for each flight and eliminates wasted spend on sub-par flight dates.

Bonus, all the data from each flight can be applied to the subsequent flights in the campaign to improve learnings and overall campaign performance, spending your budget more effectively and ultimately, saving you money.

2. Multi-Creative Uploads

Uploading your creatives in bulk is an instant time saver. StackAdapt, for example, allows multi-creative uploads and auto crops them to fit our native ad specs.

In addition, each creative has its own performance data so you can monitor success and pause the images and headlines that aren’t resonating with your audience, allocating more budget to the ads driving the most ROI for your brand.

3. Track Your Campaign History

Be sure to track the history of changes made to a specific campaign, insertion order or creative so no member of your crew is left out of the loop. This sounds obvious but is an often overlooked aspect of campaign creation and saves valuable time better spent optimizing.

Keeping a clear view of the campaign’s history also leads to a better understanding of campaign performance. You’re able to monitor the impact of changes as they occur so you can make more informed decisions on creatives, domains, supply sources and more.

Kaitlin Forbes
Kaitlin Forbes

Senior Director of Product Marketing


Kaitlin partners with various stakeholders to determine product messaging, positioning, sales enablement, and go-to-market strategy. With 10+ years in product marketing, Kaitlin has worked on various forms of SaaS products including programmatic and CRM.