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Straddled with regulatory, compliance and distribution constraints, marketers in sensitive brand categories are faced with unique challenges. Like all digital advertising, sensitive campaigns need to reach the right audiences with captivating creative and informative messaging, while navigating the complexities inherent in these industries.

We provide digital media expertise for alcoholic beverage, cannabis and gambling campaign strategies.

Understand and Target Your Audience

Recognize the occasion, the audience and the content and make sure each is contextually relevant to each other. Tailor your message to the demographic, the cohort of consumers or the geography. Regulations can be overcome creatively with ingenious ads and targeting.

Private Marketplace Deals (PMP)

Open up scale on premium publishers and exchanges that may not accept sensitive content, like cannabis, in the open market. PMPs provide guaranteed inventory.

CRM Audience Onboarding and Activation

Through the integration with LiveRamp RampID Retrieval API, StackAdapt provides direct access to onboard and activate customer relationship management (CRM) audiences, and have it matched to create a new segment that is readily available for launching campaigns.

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamically retarget a customer visiting your website and who is browsing through your portfolio offerings, with ads that personalize the image, headline and copy based on the nature of their prior website activity.

Convey Compliant and Creative Messages

Don't let compliance stifle your campaign creativity. Focusing on your brand elements and your unique selling proposition is one of the safest tactics within the regulations, especially for cannabis advertising.

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Measuring Campaign Effectiveness for Cannabis Campaigns

Measure if branded cannabis ads drive return on ad spend (ROAS) by leveraging one of StackAdapt's location intelligence partners.

Target anyone who has visited cannabis locations across all recreationally legal U.S. states and Canada. Measure the amount of foot traffic to any dispensaries in those U.S. states and across Canada.

Target anyone who has visited cannabis-related locations in Canada, and gain additional insights into the success of your campaign by measuring the amount of foot traffic driven to dispensaries across the country.

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With subject matter experts and a proven process, we help you quickly navigate the complexities in the programmatic ecosystem for any industry.

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Marketing Master Guide to Cannabis Advertising


Advertising restrictions for cannabis is complex between states and provinces. Get the insights you need to run successful cannabis marketing campaigns.

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