Cookieless Strategies For Your Digital Campaigns

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Learn how contextual targeting can help marketers take control of their ad campaigns, without the use of cookies, to drive results.

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The programmatic landscape is changing. With increased privacy-related regulations, more limitations are being placed on digital environments where cookies exist.

In fact, 95% of advertisers place some priority on finding solutions for a cookieless future, according to 150 agency and brand advertisers surveyed for a report conducted by StackAdapt in partnership with Advertiser Perceptions.

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Take Control of Your Ads With Contextual Targeting

Advertisers know they need to shift to new targeting methodologies in a cookieless digital environment, but many have yet to act. We found that only 1 in 5 advertisers have implemented contextual solutions. Contextual advertising solutions are a great method to reach the right audience, at the right time, and in the right context.

What You’ll Find Inside the Report

  • Insights on how advertisers and brand marketers are preparing for cookieless environments.
  • How advertisers and brands can leverage contextual strategies for digital campaigns.
  • The role that contextual advertising plays in cookieless targeting.
  • How brands can use machine learning and AI to stay competitive in a post-cookie landscape.

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