StackAdapt Achieves Lower Fraud Rate than TAG’s Fraud Benchmark Study 2 Years in a Row

Illustration of a key unlocking a display ad representing ad fraud

StackAdapt has always recognized the importance of brand safety and fraud detection. We pride ourselves on our strong anti-fraud standpoint and take quality control very seriously. With partners such as Forensiq by Impact, StackAdapt provides quality assurance at all stages of campaign execution.

“Prior to co-founding StackAdapt, I used a number of demand-side platforms. What boggled my mind was how much undisclosed and questionable inventory each one of them had,” said Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-founder and COO at StackAdapt. “When we started StackAdapt, we vowed to make brand safety our priority. We wanted our clients to deliver ads to real people based on brand safe websites. This is non-negotiable. Every site and ad must be reviewed by a human before we even think about employing automated brand safety technologies. The result? We consistently outperform others when it comes to delivering brand safe inventory.”

We are proud to announce that this strong emphasis on ad-fraud detection has resulted in StackAdapt achieving a lower overall fraud rate, beating both industry and TAG certified benchmarks two years in a row.

The TAG Fraud Benchmark Study

Annually, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) reports on quantitative and qualitative research that measures the rates of invalid traffic in TAG Certified Channels, in comparison to the industry average.

The 2018 Study measured general invalid traffic (GIVT) and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) over 75 billion impressions of display and video inventory on Desktop, Mobile and In App devices. GIVT and SIVT are different flavours with different dangers. According to IAS insider, GIVT is like the white noise of fraud because it’s always on in the background. On the other hand, SIVT is like a cat and mouse game where fraudsters try to develop new forms of fraud that blend with legitimate inventory without being detected.

StackAdapt Surpasses Industry and TAG Certified Benchmarks

The industry average for overall fraud rate is 10.43%, while the average for TAG Certified Channels is 1.68%. StackAdapt surpassed both benchmarks with a lower overall fraud rate, for the second consecutive year.

Stats from 2018 and 2017: StackAdapt's fraud risk improvement vs TAG's certified channel benchmarks

StackAdapt’s traffic is 91% cleaner than the industry average and 41% cleaner than other TAG Certified Channels, which is one of the reasons StackAdapt received verified by TAG earlier this year.

We are so proud to provide this level of sophisticated fraud detection, and are continuously improving our fraud prevention tactics to ensure that our publisher partners and marketers operate in a trusted environment.

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