Generating B2B Pipeline From Programmatic Media

May 29, 2024

55 minutes

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Media.Monks Share Strategies for B2B Marketing Campaigns

B2B marketing requires a blend of strategic insight and cutting-edge technology. We sit down with B2B marketing experts from Media.Monks to discuss effective strategies for executing B2B campaigns.

In this webinar, Media.Monks share tips on developing a multi-channel strategy that reach B2B decision makers, and discuss how integrating AI and machine learning can drastically improve campaign performance.

What You Will Learn

  • How AI and machine learning are revolutionizing ad buying and campaign strategy in B2B.
  • Media.Monks’ unique approach to building winning B2B strategies, including channel mix decisions.
  • How advanced metrics are influencing strategic planning and campaign optimization.
  • Emerging trends that will influence the B2B marketing landscape, including emerging channels.

Our Speakers

Tom Burchill
Tom Burchill

Senior Director, Programmatic


Tom has 10+ years of programmatic media buying experience in advertiser industries ranging from SAAS to public transportation specializing in digital partnerships and audience ID solutions.

Anna Webb
Anna Webb

Director, Programmatic and Direct Media


Anna has 8+ years of experience as a seasoned digital media practitioner with a diverse background that spans B2B, travel, retail, and e-commerce industries. She specializes in ABM strategies and account intelligence tools.

Our Moderator

Diego Pineda
Diego Pineda

Editorial Content Manager, B2B


Diego creates thought leadership content and strategy for StackAdapt. He is the author of five novels, 10 non-fiction books, and hundreds of articles and blogs as a science writer, a business writer, and a sales and marketing writer.