Digital Strategies For Your Healthcare Campaigns

November 30, 2022

55 Minutes

Illustrative graphic of healthcare advertising

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Run Compliant Healthcare Campaigns

Healthcare marketers are met with unique challenges and strict nuances when running digital campaigns. To win new patients and grow brand reputation in the highly-competitive healthcare industry, you need a digital advertising strategy that focuses on reaching the right audience. 

In this webinar, experts share insights on how to run compliant healthcare campaigns that reach potential patients.

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What You Will Learn

  • Healthcare-specific industry trends.
  • Tips for launching your healthcare campaigns.
  • Healthcare advertising regulations and what you need to be aware of before launching campaigns.
  • Audience segments and targeting capabilities that you can use with programmatic.
  • Examples of HIPAA-compliant ad units with Important Safety Information (ISI) available.
  • What are healthcare lift studies and how to set one up.

Our Speakers

Shaq Buchanan
Shaq Buchanan

Account Executive


Shaq has 6+ years of experience working with a variety of advertisers and agencies to strategize, execute, and analyze complex marketing campaigns.

Sam Jensen
Sam Jensen

Account Manager


Sam has worked in buy-side programmatic for half a decade leading strategy for key agencies across retail, B2C, and B2B industries.