The Future of Martech and Personalization With StackAdapt

July 31, 2024

2 PM – 3 PM ET

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Unlock the Next Generation of Martech Innovation

Unique martech innovations push the envelope, revolutionizing how brands engage with their audiences. To turn your martech stack from a toolset into a strategic powerhouse, it’s time to reimagine it as a dynamic ecosystem. 

Join our executives for an exclusive glimpse into the future of martech. Learn how to harness cutting-edge technology to redefine your strategy, optimize your workflow, and achieve personalization at scale.

What You Will Learn

  • The current martech landscape and the key innovations driving industry growth.
  • What are Strategic Partnerships at StackAdapt and its vision for a cohesive martech ecosystem.
  • How to use martech solutions to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions through advanced personalization.
  • The impact of martech-powered tactics that seamlessly integrate data and deliver personalization at scale.

Our Speakers

Vitaly Pecherskiy
Vitaly Pecherskiy

Co-founder and CEO


Vitaly is a passionate technologist, futurist, and entrepreneur. Before founding StackAdapt, he was an early employee at AdParlor, a pre-eminent Facebook Ads API partner.

Mike Novosel
Mike Novosel

VP, Strategic Partnerships


Mike leads partnerships and alliances at StackAdapt, with over a decade of experience in the adtech, financial services, and martech sectors. Mike brings a strong track record of scoping and implementing customized solutions for large-scale advertisers including Walmart, Kroger, CVS, The Home Depot, and Ahold-Delhaize.

Anna Grodecka-Grad
Anna Grodecka-Grad

SVP, Global Client Services


Anna is a leader in multi-channel programmatic advertising. She brings extensive experience from key roles at Google, Amazon, and MediaMath, ensuring clients are equipped to succeed in the evolving digital landscape.