Engaging Gen Z Across Multiple Channels

6 June, 2024

45 Minutes

Illustration of two girls hugging and posing together for a selfie. One black with brown hair doing the piece sign with her left hand, one white with blue hair holding her phone with her left hand.

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Capture Gen Z’s Attention Outside of Socials

Every generation behaves differently online. That’s why generation segmentation is crucial to effectively target, nurture, and provide a personalised experience for your audience in the digital advertising realm.

Watch this webinar to get tips for engaging Gen Z audiences outside of social media. Our experts offer strategies for a cohesive experience across multiple channels to engage this unique demographic.

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What You Will Learn

  • Gen Z’s key characteristics and media consumption habits.
  • Tips for developing a cohesive multi-channel strategy to amplify Gen Z engagement.
  • How to craft and optimise campaign concepts that resonate with Gen Z audiences.
  • How to measure success and integrate data in multi-channel campaigns.

Our Speakers

Khaled Alfangary
Khaled Alfangary

Sr. Manager, Client Services


With 7+ years of experience, Khaled specialises in client management, automation, and strategic channel use, earning multiple industry awards.

Inès Djouab
Inès Djouab

Account Manager


With 7+ years in digital advertising, Inès excels in engaging Gen Z and delivering top results through social media and data-driven campaigns.