Channel Your Success With CTV Marketing

11 July, 2024

50 Minutes

Illustrative graphic of ctv ad on a tv screen, including a remote control and a mock up of a ctv ad

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Revolutionise Your Strategy With CTV Marketing

European consumers are rapidly shifting from traditional TV to streaming services, and marketers are following suit. Connected TV (CTV) is driving significant growth in programmatic ad spending in the UK, revolutionising the television landscape.

Watch this webinar to learn how to create premium, high-impact CTV and OTT content with precise audience targeting, ensuring you reach your ideal viewers effectively.

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What You Will Learn

  • CTV market trends and how to navigate streaming fragmentation.
  • Key CTV metrics and KPIs, and incremental reach measurement.
  • Advanced CTV campaign strategies, including brand awareness tactics and retargeting.
  • CTV placements, premium content strategies, and best practices for CTV creatives.

Our Speakers

Nico Pavlou
Nico Pavlou

Senior Manager, Inventory


With 7+ years of expertise, Nico excels in managing CTV advertising inventory, ensuring clients have access to the best advertising opportunities to optimise their campaigns.

Yasmine Tamir
Yasmine Tamir

Senior Sales Manager


Yasmine brings her agency and planning knowledge to help clients bridge the gap within the media ecosystem to maximise the performance of each advertising channel.