Rise of First-Party Data Use in B2B Advertising

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Find out why leveraging first-party data in B2B marketing is crucial to campaign success.

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Use Your 1st-Party Data to Target Customers

In a cookieless world, leveraging 1st-party data in B2B marketing is crucial. Marketers can deploy their 1st-party data across various channels, like display, video, or connected TV to reach and engage audiences on a personal level. 

Over 68% of advertisers surveyed have used first-party data to target customers, according to this survey by StackAdapt and Ad Age. Download the report and get insight into the use of first-party data across various digital advertising channels.

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Untapped Opportunities With Emerging Channels

The strategic use of 1st-party data can unlock new levels of marketing success and provide marketers with a competitive edge. The untapped opportunity of emerging channels like connected TV, digital out-of-home, audio, and in-game advertising is immense. These channels offer marketers innovative ways to reach their audiences.

What You’ll Find Inside the Report

  • Stats and insights on how advertisers leverage first-party data in their B2B campaigns.
  • Stats on first-party data use per channel and opportunities with emerging channels.
  • How advertisers can leverage first-party data and personalize their ad campaigns.
  • Challenges using first-party data and how to overcome them.

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