Why Connected TV Needs to Be in Your Media Mix

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Learn how to tap into the many opportunities offered by connected TV advertising.

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Advertisers Are Investing In Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) is a cutting-edge way for advertisers to promote their brands with a competitive advantage.

Because of the opportunity presented with CTV, advertisers are increasing their media spend on this channel by 56% YoY, according to 200 agency and brand advertisers surveyed for a report conducted by StackAdapt in partnership with Advertiser Perceptions.

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Benefits of Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV offers marketers unique advantages that aren’t available with traditional linear TV advertising. Some of these benefits include precise audience targeting, multi-channel capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

What You’ll Find Inside the Report

  • What is connected TV is and how advertisers can make the channel their competitive advantage.
  • Insights on how advertisers can master CTV and get ahead of the competition.
  • Targeting, reporting, and measurement opportunities available with CTV.
  • Why marketers need to educate themselves and clients on CTV advertising.

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