New Video Campaign: Speed That Makes the Difference

Image of woman standing while holding a cup of coffee

Since the start, StackAdapt has been focused on becoming the top programmatic solution for our customers. We’ve invested in building cutting-edge technology that has fuelled our growth. In the last year alone, we’ve released several new features and expanded our team across various countries.

Our affinity for innovation and growth doesn’t just extend to our product, teams, and clients—it pushes us to think about new ways of conveying the value of working with StackAdapt. So, we decided to work with an external party to help us communicate this message to our clients. This is how we arrived at launching a brand awareness campaign! 

We wanted to find a way to tell the story of StackAdapt, and the benefit of the platform for our users. It isn’t enough to say we can help you improve your workday, we wanted to show it. We used research and strategy to create a lighthearted video that highlights what is so great about our platform. 

So how did we come up with a concept? We turned to our customers. We asked for insights and opinions to learn exactly what it is about StackAdapt that our users love so much. We received so much positive feedback about working with StackAdapt, but decided to zero in on one particular aspect: speed. 

Today’s advertising landscape requires rapid and informed decision making as opportunities present themselves. StackAdapt is dedicated to providing the platform of choice for the modern digital marketer so they can stay ahead of their competition. The innovation represented by our new forecasting tool is only the latest proof that StackAdapt is the platform of choice for the most exceptional digital marketers.

Not only does StackAdapt offer speed when it comes to our product and our pace of innovation, but we are swift to support the growth of our clients. Enabling them to work efficiently and stay ahead of the curve is a story we are excited to tell. With the help of an external party, we created a brand new video to illustrate what makes StackAdapt unique. We hope you enjoy it!

…And that’s not all. As we prepared to launch this brand awareness campaign, we felt it was the perfect time to update our logo. Our brand new logo better reflects how our platform and our brand has evolved to become one of the fastest-growing ad tech companies. Now, we’re looking forward to StackAdapt’s continued innovation and growth!




StackAdapt is a digital advertising platform specializing in native, display, video, connected TV, audio, in-game, and DOOH advertising.