A Partnership That Stacks Up

logos for Vert and Stackadapt together on a green backgorund

“Vert has leveraged StackAdapt’s full advertising set, from native and standard display to rich media display and connected TV (CTV). StackAdapt keeps a pulse on what’s new and trending in the digital media industry—their latest release being programmatic audio—which keeps us on the cutting edge, as well. With their gamut of ad formats and extensive data segments, we turn to StackAdapt for as many projects as we can.”

Read more about our partnership at Vert Digital

Vert is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency. They use people-first approaches to create impactful, goal-driven work that drives results and looks beautiful, too. They’re thoughtful about their work and each other.




StackAdapt is a digital advertising platform specializing in native, display, video, connected TV, audio, in-game, and DOOH advertising.