Launch With Confidence: Try StackAdapt’s Enhanced Ad Previewer

Illustration of StackAdapt's ad previewer showing what a travel display ad would look like on a publisher's site

There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to advertising. How your ads display on a site shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why we recently enhanced our Ad Previewer to make it even easier to see how your ads look in a live environment.

With StackAdapt’s Ad Previewer, you can easily visualize how your ads appear on top publisher sites, streamline the review process, and quickly test and adjust creatives before your launch.

The improved Ad Previewer allows StackAdapt clients to:

  • Choose from premier publisher sites to see how display ads will appear on live web pages.
  • Get high-quality ad previews specifically tailored to your chosen region and category.
  • Streamline collaboration by effortlessly swapping ad placements and generating ad preview links for easy sharing with colleagues and clients.

For example, let’s say you’re advertising winter vacation packages and want to see what your display ads would look like on top publisher sites in the US and Canada. StackAdapt’s Ad Previewer will give you an accurate idea of how your ads will appear to customers in those locations browsing specific websites. It also lets you quickly create preview links to share with your collaborators, so you know what changes to make before your ads take flight. 

Explore StackAdapt’s enhanced ad preview tool by navigating to the Creative Library or Campaign Editor and try the Ad Previewer today.

If you’re new to StackAdapt, request a demo to learn more.

StackAdapt Team
StackAdapt Team



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