3 Innovative Ways to Use Creatives with Creative Tactics

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In order to take advantage of all the features offered in StackAdapt, you should take into consideration their specific functionalities before your ads are even created. Today, we’re asking (and answering) the question: “What if we created ads with specific DSP functionality in mind, instead of using the ads and strategies as add-ons at the end of campaign set up?”

This is where leveraging the StackAdapt Creative Studio can be a differentiator for you and your client. The StackAdapt team of Creative Strategists marry their knowledge of the StackAdapt platform with their expertise in ad design, to build ads that are not only visually appealing, but also deliberate in their approach.

Let’s dive into one strategy in particular, creative tactics, and show how campaigns can be elevated by considering this feature at the design stage of your ads.

What is Creative Tactics

Creative Tactics allows you to set parameters on a campaign to use certain creatives under defined circumstances, without having to create a separate campaign for each rule. For example, you could choose to show different creatives based on the time of day, day of the week, device type, supply source, and even by domain—just to name a few.

Below are some examples of how the Creative Studio team can take your campaign creatives to the next level.

Creative Tactic: Geo

For brands that have multiple locations, opting for the Geo creative tactic can be incredibly useful to be relevant to your audience. You can use the creative to speak to your prospects based on where they are located, and relay relevant information based on the geo. In the example below, a healthcare facility brand has used different creatives for each location. This allows them to build recognition with their local audience who may physically pass by the building. It also provides the opportunity to highlight the best features of each facility.

Below are examples of 2 native ads promoting a health clinic in different locations.

Example of a healthcare ad
Example of a healthcare ad

Both ads are for the same brand, but the messaging is slightly different based on the geo and the speciality of the facility. With Creative Tactics, you can run both ads in the same campaign.

Creative Tactic: Time of Day

Another way advertisers could get inventive with Creative Tactics is to serve different ads based on the time of day. A brand that offers recipes or consumer packaged foods, like the one below, could showcase breakfast recipes in the morning and dinner recipes in the evening. By using this strategy, you’ll be more likely to reach your audience when they’re in the frame of mind to be interested in your product.

To illustrate, we have composed some display ad examples. The first example is the one that would be set to run during the morning hours of the day, promoting a breakfast meal kit.

Example of a breakfast meal kit

This next example would be set to run later in the afternoon and into the evening, as users are preparing for dinner, capturing their attention when it is most relevant.

Example of a dinner meal kit

Creative Tactic: Domain Category

Let’s wrap up with one more versatile example. The Domain Category creative tactic could be easily applied to brands that offer a range of products that appeal to different audiences. Below, a retail bank is using different creatives to highlight specific offerings they have. They can then use the Domain Category tactic to ensure the offering that appeals to an appropriate audience gets shown, on domains relevant to them. For example, a student account would be shown on educational domains, and the ad might look like this:

On the other hand, a mortgage offering would be shown on real estate domains, and the ad might look like this:

The examples above provide a mere snapshot of all the ways Creative Tactics could be considered before an ad is created, and how the StackAdapt Creative Studio team takes the functionality of our features into ad creation. The Creative Studio team can work with you to find the best strategy for your creatives.

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Jessica Uttley
Jessica Uttley

Senior Director of Creative Services


Jessica is passionate about helping brands get the biggest bang for their media buck by utilizing innovative and data-driven ad design. She is a keen and rapid learner, thriving on challenges that call for fast, creative solutions.