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As a marketer in this space you need to leverage the digital opportunities that will result in keeping the community abreast of what's happening, from recycling programs to economic development activities and public service announcements. And that means adding digital into your marketing mix so you can reach bigger audiences with smaller budgets and deliver measurable outcomes.

We provide digital media expertise and technology solutions for government, public service and political campaign strategies.

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Understand and Target Your Audience

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A Strategy for Targeting

The audiences for your political campaign can be loosely categorized into:

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The Foundational Elements

By applying the foundational elements of right people, right place, right time and right message across the categories, you can create an effective campaign strategy.

Venn diagram of two overlapping circles, one yellow and the other blue Voter
Foundational elements grid showing how applying elements of right people, place, time, and message results in a successful campaign Voter Turnout Competitor
Exclusion Right People First-party data Undecided voters First-party data Right Place States or districts
that typically vote
in favour
Swing states States or districts
that typically do
not vote in favour
Right Time Key dates in
election cycle
Key dates in
election cycle
Key dates in
election cycle
Consideration Exclusion

CRM Audience Onboarding and Activation

Through the integration with LiveRamp RampID Retrieval API, StackAdapt provides direct access to onboard and activate customer relationship management (CRM) audiences:

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CRM Onboarding

Advertisers can upload their CRM data, including emails, names, phone numbers and postal addresses through the StackAdapt UI and have it matched to create a new segment to make audiences readily available for launching time-sensitive campaigns.

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Privacy-First and Secure

LiveRamp removes personally identifiable information (PII) and replaces it with pseudonymous record keys during the matching process, so data can be used with confidence.

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Full Control

StackAdapt self-serve clients maintain full control over their CRM data in a platform they are familiar navigating. All data that is uploaded is obfuscated in the StackAdapt UI before it is activated through LiveRamp.

Convey Compliant and Creative Messages

Considering DAA and DAAC compliance? It doesn't have to stifle your campaign creativity. StackAdapt offers the ability to both embed or display your disclosure when hovering over the ad.

Example of a display political ad with text, "Vote for Carly Simon".

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