As a marketer in this space you need to leverage the digital opportunities that will result in keeping the community abreast of what’s happening, from recycling programs to economic development activities and public service announcements for no drinking and driving. And that means adding digital into your marketing mix so you can reach bigger audiences with smaller budgets and deliver measurable outcomes.

How can StackAdapt’s Native Advertising Platform help keep members of the public informed, while improving trust, raising awareness and increasing community engagement?

Targeted Opportunities

Are you trying to reach the public where they are spending time online or funnel people to the appropriate services at the right time?
StackAdapt targeting will help you reach the most relevant audience

Custom Segments

StackAdapt Custom Segments can capture customers looking for government services and help you connect with them

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamically retarget a customer visiting your website and who is browsing through your government services, with ads that personalize the image, headline and copy based on the nature of their prior website activity


Target by state, city, at the zip code level or within a defined radius your service offerings to reach a relevant and local audience

Content Amplification

Seamlessly integrate your message into a user’s experience by taking your authoritative, informational content and distributing it through paid media channels.

Native ads are positioned closest to—or surrounded by—contextually relevant, publisher-produced content to help you reach new audiences and drive direct traffic back to your site.

Reporting & Insights

Whether you’re tracking awareness or engagement time, you need to gauge campaign performance and connect your marketing to measurable business results

Extensive and transparent reporting in StackAdapt provides everything you need to analyze data and insights to adjust current campaigns on the fly or shape future strategies.

Native Runs Best on StackAdapt

Built for engaging the public on government service initiatives. Accelerate public feedback and engagement

Our Advantages

Powered by
Machine Learning

Real-time Campaign

Intuitive Platform

No Monthly Minimums

Intent-based Targeting &
Retargeting Capabilities

Sophisticated Fraud Detection

Transparent User Data
& Inventory

Customer Service

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