As an automotive marketer you need to leverage the digital opportunities that will influence a car buyer’s decision towards your brand and dealership when they’re ready to buy. And that means having a savvy digital strategy that ensures you are there when and where a prospective buyer is looking and appeals to a range of different audiences with timely, personalized and relevant ads.

How can StackAdapt’s Native Advertising Platform help drive customers to your brand and dealerships?

Targeted Opportunities

Are you providing information when a customer is in the research phase or to guide them to a specific dealership?
StackAdapt targeting will help you reach the most relevant audience

Custom Segments

StackAdapt Custom Segments can capture customers looking for specific makes and models of your brand or those of competitors

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamically retarget a customer who visits your website to explore makes and models of your brand, with ads that personalize the image, headline and copy based on the nature of their prior website activity


Target adjacent to your dealership at the zip code level, or by city or state

New Customers

Take that great product review you garnered on that premier publisher and amplify the link through a native ad. This will put your content in front of more of your target audience who might not have otherwise been considering your brand, make or model.

Native ads are positioned closest to—or surrounded by—contextually relevant, publisher-produced content to help you reach audiences you might not otherwise reach.

Reporting & Insights

Whether you’re tracking foot traffic or engagement time, you need to gauge campaign performance and connect your marketing to measurable business results.

As consumer attention has shifted to mobile, especially for car buyers, you’ll need a means to connect the digital world with offline behaviours. StackAdapt can help measure foot traffic lift to your dealerships.

Extensive and transparent reporting in StackAdapt provides everything you need to analyze data and insights to adjust current campaigns on the fly or shape future strategies

Native Runs Best on StackAdapt

Built for automotive marketers and brands. Influence car buying decisions

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