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Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Achieves a 20% Conversion Rate with StackAdapt

Serino Coyne is the longest-running full service advertising agency dedicated to live entertainment, with particular focus on Broadway and touring theatrical productions in the US. Their goal was to use programmatic native and video to drive awareness of upcoming Lincoln Center shows and to drive ticket sales. Using StackAdapt's 1st-party intent-based audience targeting, Serino Coyne deployed an integrated targeting and retargeting strategy using both video and native ads respectively. StackAdapt produced a 20% conversion rate across the campaign, a 0.35% CTR on video and a .18% on native using Custom Audience Segments.

Performing Arts
Conversion Rate Across the Campaign
0.35% CTR
CTR on Video Ad Using Custom Audience Segments
0.18% CTR
on Native Ad Using Custom Audience Segments
“With StackAdapt's qualified audience pool (Custom Audience Segments) and in-feed native video units, we were able to drive both brand awareness and ticket sales for Lincoln Center. It was definitely a win-win campaign.”