The Challenge

The innovation of deep learning and AI in online advertising is somewhat uncharted territory. There are only a handful of contending players who are starting to explore this area, the reasons for this being:

  1. The nature of highly unstructured data and behavior.
  2. A tremendous amount of internet users who show different patterns, therefore requiring significant processing to properly analyze and model.
  3. Companies zeroing in on varying conversion KPIs, also requires extensive modeling.
  4. And time constraints. A large degree of upfront optimization is needed when given only 80 milliseconds to respond to an ad request.

Our Solution

Despite the many challenges, StackAdapt has managed to thrive in this environment. Our deep technological know-how in data science and machine learning, gives us a significant advantage and allows us to help our clients achieve their customer engagement and acquisition objectives.

The core of our technology is our ability to store and interpret online behavioural data and identify user’s purchase intent. We then use native and video advertising to nudge these users in our clients’ direction.

Our Technology

Every StackAdapt product you experience has been built in-house, from the ground up. Over the last four years we built a reputation for being one of the most reliable technology companies in the industry. We are proud of the team we assembled, the software we write, and the products that we create for our customers.


Our peak traffic load is around 1 million requests per second. That represents a minimum of 30 billion requests on a daily basis or close to 1 trillion requests monthly.


We ingest and process over 65,000 GB (65 TB) of data per day. On a monthly basis, that's over 2 petabytes of data!


We respond to 99.9% of the requests within a 100ms time frame.


We have our servers located in seven different geographical regions.


We use cutting edge machine learning tools such as Thompson sampling, neural networks, and natural language processing along with billions of historical examples to predict and optimize campaign performance.


We predict campaign click-through rates using more than 40,000 informative features within milliseconds for each of our 30 billion daily advertisement bid requests.


We invent new, custom machine learning and optimization tools in-house, tools that no other company has, for the purposes of delivering the best campaign performance for our clients.

Did you

Our automated server management tool is called Skynet

Named after the famous entity from the Terminator franchise, Skynet scales the number of servers (up or down) based on the traffic loads, latency, node health and various other factors.

We do over 1.2 million database transactions every second

This is made possible by the use of next generation in-memory databases like Aerospike and Redis.

About Us

At StackAdapt, all our work starts and ends with our Purpose:
To Fearlessly Invent the Future

This has been true since our humble beginnings and will remain true throughout the years.

In the foreseeable future, we will continue to interpret human behaviour online and connecting people with products and brands that matter to them.

However, we strongly believe technology can help solve the world’s most challenging problems. At our core, we work on building systems that make sense of complex information. Our work in machine learning lays the foundation for us to master the art of problem-solving and then ultimately applying it towards tackling important societal, political and environmental issues.

It’s only the beginning.

Our team

Behind the platform and its complex systems is a collective of some of the brightest minds in engineering, development, data science, product management and design. We take pride in rolling up our sleeves and taking on challenges. Where other people give up, we succeed.

We welcome everyone to join us during these exciting times!

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