Year in Review: Our Most Exciting Platform Updates 2022

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Ready to level up your programmatic campaigns in 2023? Below, we’re recapping our favourite platform and feature updates, and how these new releases will help you drive campaign performance in 2023 and beyond. 

5 Exciting StackAdapt Features to Leverage in 2023

Contextual Advertising 

In today’s digital landscape, many marketers are embracing cookieless targeting tactics that don’t require the collection or processing of user data, and deliver relevant content at the right moment. With this in mind, StackAdapt is focused on providing contextual advertising tactics that boost campaign relevance and deliver results. 

In the StackAdapt platform, you can use Page Context AI to drive campaign performance by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to place ads in the right context, expanding targeting to include highly relevant phrases related to the context. As of 2022, Page Context AI supports several languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish. More languages are coming in 2023!
This past year, StackAdapt released another tried and true contextual advertising tactic: Keyword Rule Targeting. This is a powerful, customizable, and user friendly tactic that puts you in control by allowing you to indicate the exact keywords you’d like your campaign to match with. With the advertising industry increasingly embracing a cookieless world, the opportunity in contextual advertising tactics like Page Context AI and Keyword Rule Targeting will continue to grow.


In 2021, StackAdapt launched Forecasting to help you level up your campaign planning strategies. Forecasting allows you to understand how your campaign will scale and perform before spending a dime. It gives you the ability to identify the highest-value opportunities, and ultimately, reach customers across an optimal media mix.

Your best strategy is to use Forecasting in the early planning stages of your campaigns. If you know what your budget is, and have an idea of what locations and audiences you’d like to target, then you’re in the perfect position to use this planning tool. 

This year, we released updates to Forecasting to make this feature even better than ever. In 2023, leverage Forecasting to help you to identify the highest value audience for your target demographic, and to figure out whether you’ll be able to spend your budget in full and scale sufficiently with StackAdapt.

Weather Targeting

The weather has a range of impacts on the buying habits of consumers, and the seasonality of some products. For example, brands are more likely to sell barbecues during the summer months than they are in the winter. 

This is exactly why in 2022, StackAdapt released weather targeting. With weather targeting, you can tailor your creatives based on the weather conditions in specified locations. You can also automate your campaigns to optimize based on local temperatures or weather conditions, making it possible to engage consumers during key weather events. 

Weather targeting makes it possible to deliver more relevant ads and messaging, improve your campaign effectiveness, and leverage weather-driven demand. To build a strategy around weather, leverage seasonal forecasts to help plan your campaigns, and remember to consider the effect weather has on a regional and national level. You’ll also want to take note of regional perceptions of weather. 

Audio Companion Banners

In 2022, 67% of Americans listened to digital audio, a 5% increase year-over-year. With audio gaining an increasingly prominent place in peoples’ lives, there’s no better time than now to leverage programmatic audio to reach your audience.

Programmatic audio automates the selling and insertion of ads into audio content, reaching your audience through various devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. StackAdapt introduced a new feature to boost the effectiveness of audio campaigns: Companion banners. Audio companion banners are clickable visual ads that run at the same time as a programmatic audio ad. 

They are displayed for the duration of the ad, while listeners hear your audio ad. These banners are a powerful tool for boosting the effectiveness of your audio campaigns because they provide a visual connection to the brand message and a streamlined path for users to engage with the brand beyond the ad. And, they provide you with an added metric on top of the usual audio metrics: clicks.

In-Game Advertising

In 2023, it’s forecasted that there will be 3.07 billion video game players worldwide. With more and more people embracing gaming, it’s time for marketers to embrace in-game advertising. We released in-game advertising so that StackAdapt users can deliver blended in-game ads within mobile, computer, and video games. 

In-game ads are seamlessly integrated into the game, so that the player isn’t interrupted. They are non-intrusive ads that are highly-viewable and drive great brand recall. They give you the opportunity to reach a growing and diverse audience.  

To get started with in-game advertising, you’ll need to optimize your ads for the gaming environment. Your creatives should be tailored to fit into gameplay in a natural way, while also capturing the attention of players. You can use high-contrast colours, a large font, short copy, and your brand logo to ensure your in-game ads reach your audience effectively. 

Embrace These StackAdapt Features in 2023 and Beyond

The programmatic landscape is always evolving, and therefore, the StackAdapt platform is evolving too! The best way to keep up with industry trends, and the expectations of audiences, is to embrace new programmatic tactics and features. In 2023, we hope you introduce and experiment with these StackAdapt features, and don’t forget to leverage new strategies. 

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Kaitlin Forbes

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