Branded Content Distribution Through Native Advertising

Branded Content Distribution Through Native Advertising

1 A preview of your content is turned into an in-feed native ad. After specifying your target audiences and bidding strategy, your native advertising campaign is launched. Your content remains on your blog or content hub, ready to be engaged with.

2 Your in-feed native ad is served across 50,000 premium publishers worldwide to attract the interest of your target audiences and drive them to your content.

3 Once a user clicks-through to your content, we ensure that he or she actually reads it. We identify the audience attributes of the engaged users and automatically optimize your campaigns to bring you more.

Attention-based advertising

Risk-free pricing

When it comes to content — where interaction happens post-click — impressions and clicks are irrelevant as they don't guarantee that your content is actually being read. With our cost-per-engagement (CPE) based pricing model, you only pay when a user demonstrates engagement with your content post-click, which means that your media dollars are spent on audiences that truly connect with your brand.

Engagement optimization

If you create content, chances are that you want people to read it. StackAdapt tracks the average time a user spends on your content and the total attention time to ensure that your content accomplishes what it's meant to: building deeper relationships with your audiences. All data about the underlying audience attributes are then fed into the machine learning algorithm to help find more audiences that love your content.

50,000+ Publishers

Grow your business with StackAdapt

Drive user-engagement and reach hyper-relevant audiences at scale
all from a single platform

Make it easy for your target audiences to discover your content

Powerful audience segmentation and targeting capabilities


Easily target users from a country, state or city of interest.


Seamlessly integrate your content into contextually relevant websites.


Reach users based on their consumer behaviour patterns and Deliver your content based on users' interests and purchase intent.


Reconnect with users that have previously engaged with your content.

Make data work for you, not the other way around


Predicting the future is tricky. StackAdapt's powerful forecasting capabilities make planning for success much easier.

Build a prediction of how each of your campaigns will perform based on historical and real-time data. No surprises! You'll know what to expect right from the start.

Audience insights (beta)

Wouldn't it be great to know what other topics resonate with your audiences? StackAdapt's Audience Insights uncovers these hidden patterns to help you create content that deeply resonates with your audiences.

Support and resources to help push your marketing efforts to the next level

Dedicated success team

Reaching relevant users with content through StackAdapt is easy, but if you need some insider "know-how," we're here to help. Whether it's optimizing your campaigns or helping with content creation, we've always got your back.

Managed services

Our goal is to maximize the value of branded content, so we're fully-equipped to support all of our customers with extraordinary service.

For our larger clients, we have in-house experts available to help with campaign ideation, target audience selection, building creative, and launching and optimizing each campaign on a fully-managed basis.

Solutions to supercharge your marketing team

A powerful brand or agency-ready solution with multiple user-management, reporting and revenue-tracking capabilities

Multiple-user support

Centralize your team-wide content planning, distribution, analytics and billing with one platform.

Full transparency

Stay in control of all your native ad placements. We provide you with full access to the data so you can drill down to a particular domain level.


Fully functioning campaign creation and reporting API with detailed developer supporting documentation.

You Asked and We Listened

No Minimums

Full Inventory

Flexible Pricing


Dedicated Customer
Success Manager

Brand Safety

Bleeding Edge

StackAdapt has been one of the best native ad platforms we have used to date. A+ client service accompanied by an easy to use reporting dashboard that has helped us stay up to date with what our media dollars are actually accomplishing.

Ash Sanh
Digital Media Specialist
I have personally tested multiple Native DSP solutions and none have been able to compete with StackAdapt's suite of tools, tech and performance.

Todd Meadow
Associate Manager
What I like the best is the support I receive from StackAdapt. It may be self-serve, but I know that I still have experts looking in on my campaigns and catching things I may have missed, or tips on optimization.

Cherie Raymond
Group Media Director