Your Guide to In-Game Advertising

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About This Guide

Learn the basics of in-game advertising and discover how it can help you engage with a growing, influential, and diverse audience.

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Take Advantage of In-Game Ads

Gaming is a mainstream, social pastime that has become a global phenomenon. With over 3.2 billion gamers, the global gaming market is expected to grow to $401 billion USD in 2027.

Gamers are more likely to be fully engaged while playing games, giving marketers an unique opportunity to reach a highly-valuable, engaged, and growing audience.

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Reach a Highly-Influential Gaming Audience

Gaming is hugely popular and widespread across all demographics and ages, so a one-size-fits-all advertising strategy doesn’t work when leveraging in-game advertising. Using data and insights will help you build better audience-targeting strategies.

What You’ll Find Inside the Guide

  • What programmatic in-game is all about, insights, and stats on the gaming audience.
  • Benefits of in-game advertising and key opportunities to leverage with this emerging channel.
  • Introduction to blended in-game, inventory, and ad units.
  • Tips for getting started with in-game advertising.

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