Guide to Contextual Advertising

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Learn what contextual advertising is, and how it can be leveraged to reach audiences in relevant moments.

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Contextual advertising leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to reach the right audience, in the right moments. It’s a cookieless targeting method that serves ads based on the environment in which the ad appears.

Learn how contextual advertising works, its benefits, and how to add it to your digital strategy.

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The Benefits of Cookieless Targeting

Contextual advertising aims to ensure an ad is relevant to the content on a page. A person’s content consumption signals intent at a specific moment in time, and with cookieless targeting, you can reach audiences in those important moments.

What You’ll Find Inside the Guide

  • The resurfacing of contextual advertising and what’s changed.
  • Differences between contextual and behavioural advertising.
  • Reasons why contextual targeting is both effective and beneficial.
  • Examples and use cases from different organizations and industries.

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