Strategies For Your B2B Digital Campaigns

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Tactics and strategies for B2B marketers to share stories, promote products, and capture the attention of decision makers.

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Changing B2B Landscape

B2B is big business. B2B decision makers are prepared to reward companies that deliver personalized, multi-channel marketing experiences with up to $500K USD in spend on a single transaction, according to a McKinsey B2B Pulse survey.

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The Right Channel Mix for Your B2B Campaigns

With a rise in digital interactions between buyers and suppliers, B2B marketers have an opportunity to develop a campaign strategy across different advertising channels, including native, display, video, connected TV, audio, in-game, and digital out-of-home. Each has its unique benefits, and when combined, they reach a wider and more targeted audience.

What You’ll Find Inside the Guide

  • How the B2B landscape is evolving.
  • Strategies for targeting your audience.
  • Tips on how to build buyer personas and map the customer journey.
  • How to build a multi-channel campaign strategy around the core programmatic channels.
  • How to effectively run B2B campaigns across the entire funnel.
  • Strategies for creating effective B2B ad creatives that convert.

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