Your Guide to Digital Political Advertising

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Learn how to plan, prepare, and implement political digital campaigns that reach potential voters.

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Political Ad Spend is Growing

Elections are big business. Since 2008, US digital political ad spend has been consistently growing. Digital advertising allows candidates to reach voters in ways that weren’t possible in past election cycles. It provides ample opportunity for candidates to connect with potential voters where they are, which is increasingly online and on multiple devices.

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Connect With Voters Across All Digital Devices

Forty-four percent of adults in the US gather information about upcoming elections through digital channels. With programmatic, you can reach voters across all of their devices and advertising channels, like connected TV, programmatic audio, and display ads.

What You’ll Find Inside the Guide

  • Benefits of programmatic advertising for political ad campaigns.
  • Political audience targeting and programmatic features for political advertising.
  • Ad formats and channels to explore for political ads.
  • A look at which generations are voting.

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