StackAdapt Recognized as a Leader in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

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StackAdapt enables joint customers to build leading solutions on Snowflake’s Data Cloud for audience activation in a multi-channel programmatic strategy.

Toronto, ON – September 14, 2023 – StackAdapt today announced that it has been recognized as an Advertising Platforms leader in the Modern Marketing Data Stack 2023: How Data-Forward Marketers Are Redefining Strategies to Unify, Analyze, and Activate Data to Boost Revenue executed and launched by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company.

Snowflake’s data-backed report identifies the best of breed solutions used by Snowflake customers to show how marketers can leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud with accompanying partner solutions to best identify, serve, and convert valuable prospects into loyal customers. By analyzing usage patterns from a pool of approximately 8,100 customers as of April 2023, Snowflake identified ten technology categories that organizations consider when building their marketing data stacks. The extensive research reflects how customers are adopting solutions from a rapidly changing ecosystem and highlights the convergence of adtech and martech, the increased importance of privacy enhancing technologies, and the heightened focus marketers have on measurement to maximize campaign ROI. The ten categories include:

  • Analytics & Data Capture
  • Enrichment
  • Measurement & Attribution
  • Integration & Modeling
  • Business Intelligence
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Identity & Activation (Identity & Onboarders, Customer Data Activation, Advertising Platforms)

Focusing on those companies that are active members of the Snowflake Partner Network (or ones with a comparable agreement in place with Snowflake), as well as Snowflake Marketplace providers, the report explores each of these categories that comprise the Modern Marketing Data Stack, highlighting technology partners and their solutions as “leaders” or “ones to watch” within each category. The report also details how current Snowflake customers leverage a number of these partner technologies to enable data-driven marketing strategies and informed business decisions. Snowflake’s report provides a concrete overview of the partner solution providers and data providers marketers choose to create their data stacks.

“No matter the industry or size of the campaign, digital marketers are utilizing the Snowflake Data Cloud because of the opportunity to drive value from the full breadth of their data,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake. “At Snowflake, we recognize our partner StackAdapt as a leader in Advertising Platforms because of StackAdapt’s ability to enable real-time 1st-party data activation and orchestration in a multi-channel programmatic strategy.” 

StackAdapt was identified in Snowflake’s report as a leader in the Advertising Platforms category for real-time 1st-party data activation and orchestration in a multi-channel programmatic strategy.

“It’s a thrill for us to be named a leader in Snowflake’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack report, and an honor we don’t take lightly,” said Ben Brodie, Director of Corporate Development and Channel Partnerships at StackAdapt. “Snowflake is an excellent partner, and together have removed the variety of roadblocks that made activating 1st-party data challenging. Today, through the seamless integration between Snowflake and StackAdapt, organizations have the power to personalize advertising and expand their market share in a simple and privacy centric way.” 

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StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform used by hundreds of brands and agencies around the world. StackAdapt’s data-driven platform combines state-of-the-art machine learning with a clean and intuitive user interface to provide media buyers with an easy way to plan, execute and drive the best performance across all devices, inventory, and publishing partners. StackAdapt has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America, is rated the number 1 demand-side platform (DSP) on G2, and is the highest performing and easiest to use platform. For further information, visit

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