StackAdapt Appoints Vitaly Pecherskiy as Chief Executive Officer

StackAdapt founders Ildar Shar, Yang Han, and Vitaly Pecherskiy

StackAdapt is pleased to announce the appointment of co-founder and current COO, Vitaly Pecherskiy, as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective January 1, 2024. In conjunction with this transition, StackAdapt co-founder and outgoing CEO Ildar Shar will continue to provide strategic support on StackAdapt’s Board of Directors, while co-founder Yang Han remains in his position as CTO. 

Ildar has played a critical role in StackAdapt’s achievements to date, and he will continue to apply his exceptional expertise and vision to help propel the company’s future growth. “I will be taking on an active role at the board level and remain deeply involved in StackAdapt’s strategic direction. I am as bullish and optimistic about our future as I was on the day we founded the company,” said Ildar. “My role may be changing, but my passion for what we do, and my belief in our collective potential, remains unshaken.”  

Launched in 2014 by co-founders Ildar, Yang, and Vitaly, StackAdapt has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America and is one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies on The Globe and Mail’s 2023 Report on Business. StackAdapt is rated the number one demand-side platform (DSP) and a Top Software Company by G2, and a 2023 AdExchanger Power Player.

The strategic decision to appoint Vitaly aligns with the company’s goal to launch into new product and market frontiers, and sets the stage for the next phase of growth at StackAdapt.

“It’s been a true pleasure to work alongside the StackAdapt team during a time of exciting growth and expansion,” said Len Ferrington, Board Director of StackAdapt and Managing Director at Summit Partners, which invested in StackAdapt in 2022. “Ildar, Vitaly, and Yang are exceptionally talented, sharing an innovative vision that is matched only by their drive to execute. With Vitaly taking the helm, we believe the journey ahead continues to be bright, and we are privileged to be a part of it.”

Vitaly steps into his new role as CEO with a clear vision for the future and over a decade of experience building the company. Under his leadership and guidance, StackAdapt receives the support necessary to continue fostering innovative solutions that fuel the company’s expansion. 

“Those who know Vitaly, know that his vision, deep involvement in every aspect of the business, unwavering passion for innovation, and team leadership, have been instrumental to StackAdapt’s growth and success. I have the utmost confidence that Vitaly’s leadership will put StackAdapt in an even stronger position for the future,” said Ildar Shar.

“Since StackAdapt’s inception, Ildar, Yang, and I have been on an incredible journey of innovation. Working with them, and learning from their remarkable expertise and insights, has been a true privilege. Alongside our committed team, engaged board, and valued clients, we have cultivated a vibrant culture of idea-sharing that drives our continuous development and growth,” said Vitaly. “As I transition into my new role as CEO, I am grateful for our shared journey to date, and excited to lead us toward new frontiers of technological and business excellence.”

StackAdapt’s product and innovation roadmap is more ambitious than ever. Stay tuned for news of StackAdapt’s exciting upcoming initiatives and new product releases in 2024!

StackAdapt Team
StackAdapt Team



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