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With programmatic, you can purchase advertising space using a programmatic platform that leverages data insights and algorithms to reach the right users. Programmatic advertising ensures your ads are served at the right time, and at the right price. 

Because programmatic advertising uses evolving technology, there are always opportunities for advertisers to experiment with new channels and programmatic strategies.

Having the right educational resources available, along with a collaborative support team, platform onboarding, and ongoing platform training, will all support your programmatic success, and enable you to drive performance with innovative digital strategy.

We’ve created a brand new series of StackAdapt Academy Certification Courses which are designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to create digital campaigns that perform.

Introducing StackAdapt’s Free Channel Certification Courses

StackAdapt’s free certification courses focus on various aspects of programmatic to help you become an expert in the industry. Now, we are introducing channel-specific courses that will expand your learnings even further. By the end of each course, you’ll have the confidence to run scalable, multi-channel campaigns that drive results. 

StackAdapt’s education courses have added a ton of value to our team. It’s really enabled people with zero programmatic experience to feel comfortable talking to their clients about it, but also ensuring that it’s a core part of every client’s media plan.

Jessica Petersen

Associate Director Strategy, Highnoon

Learn Native Advertising

First up? The Native Channel Certification Course! StackAdapt started out as a native advertising platform, before expanding to include other channels like connected TV, audio, and in-game advertising. Native advertising is truly part of our roots, and we’re experts in native ads, so it made total sense to highlight native in our first channel specific course. 

Native ads are programmatic ads that match the look, form, and feel of the media format that they appear in. The unique benefit of native ads is that they seamlessly blend into the content that a user is viewing on their mobile device or desktop.

As a valuable channel to include in your overall marketing strategy, native ads are a reliable means for communicating your brand’s message. And, they can be used as part of a larger, multi-channel strategy to maximize performance. 

Learn Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

CTV is becoming an increasingly widespread mode of media consumption. In fact, 213.7 million viewers of your potential target audience are choosing to watch their favourite shows through this channel. With the opportunity in CTV growing, there is a benefit to adding this channel to your media mix for awareness and brand recall. 

CTV delivers i​ncreased accessibility, a lower barrier of entry, effective budget allocation, and granular metrics that will enable you to draw deeper insights. We designed the CTV Channel Certification Course to give you the knowledge you need to leverage CTV strategically, so you can reap all the benefits of this channel.

Learn In-Game Advertising

Gamers today are nearly synonymous with everyday consumers. Given this, it’s time for advertisers to tap into the power of in-game advertising. In-game ads appear on in-game objects such as billboards, walls, jerseys, and more during gameplay. The goal of in-game advertising is to insert ads that get noticed, but without interrupting the player’s enjoyment of the game. 

In-game ads are non-intrusive, highly-viewable, and drive high brand recall. They can be delivered through programmatic advertising on devices like mobile and PCs, and they reach a growing, influential, and engaged gaming audience

The In-Game Channel Certification Course provides an overview of the channel, in-game advertising strategies, and insights into in-game campaign analysis. You’ll finish this certification ready to get into the game!

Learn Programmatic Audio Advertising

Programmatic audio enables you to run audio ads through your programmatic platform. It uses a similar process to display advertising, which automates the selling and insertion of ads into audio content. 

With programmatic audio, you can buy targeted ads from all the major audio publishers using one system. Audio ads reach your audience through various devices, and appear in content like podcasts, digital radio, and music-streaming services. 

The Programmatic Audio Channel Certification Course provides an overview of the channel, audio advertising strategies, and insights into programmatic audio campaign analysis. You’ll finish this certification ready to connect with a growing audience of audio listeners, right in their ears. 

Learn Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Ads outside the home have been around for centuries. But over the past few years this channel has become more precise and effective, thanks to technology, at reaching audiences in a hyper-targeted way.

Advertising outside of the home is known as “out-of-home,” and when there are digital elements to the advertising, it is “digital out-of-home” (DOOH). Programmatic combined with DOOH allows you to make more efficient and strategic out-of-home media buys. DOOH ads appear in contextual environments, and have the ability to engage audiences in exciting ways. 

The Digital Out-of-Home Channel Certification Course provides the knowledge needed to run DOOH campaigns that drive results. You’ll learn about the capabilities of this programmatic channel, the benefits of DOOH ads, DOOH’s role in the marketing funnel, and how to leverage DOOH as part of a multi-channel strategy.

Become a Programmatic Expert Through Channel Certification

At StackAdapt, we want to empower marketers to become experts in programmatic. The Native Channel Certification Course, CTV Channel Certification Course, In-Game Channel Certification Course, and Programmatic Audio Channel Certification Course, and Digital Out-of-Home Channel Certification Course are some of our many resources that we’re sharing to keep you up to date with programmatic best practices, ad formats, and advertising strategies.

These free courses take approximately 1 hour to complete. In each course, we provide an overview of the channels, strategies for leveraging them, and more. This way, you can leverage both of them with confidence.

Ready to become an expert in programmatic advertising? Enroll in our Channel Certification Courses today.

Matt Evered
Matt Evered

Senior Manager, Education & Development


Matt has 5+ years of programmatic experience. He helps advertisers make the most out of the programmatic technology available to them through the courses he teaches at StackAdapt Academy. Matt can also be heard on the flagship StackAdapt podcast, How Agencies Thrive.