Connected TV is the ideal way to reach your target audiences on the big screen

Connected TV offers the targeting of digital advertising, with the lean-back experience of TV.

How Connected TV Advertising Works

Connected TV (CTV) consists of any type of TV that can be connected to the Internet and can stream digital video at a viewer’s convenience. Connected TV is a subset of over-the-top (OTT), which includes apps and services that don’t require subscriptions to traditional cable or pay-TV service.
Viewers stream content live or on-demand to their Connected TV (a Smart TV) or Connected TV device (e.g., Apple TV or Roku).
An ad spot is purchased when the viewer(s) match your desired audience.
The ad appears in full screen, 100% viewable environments - in real time. Formats include 15 second, 30 second and 60 second video ads.
Performance and analytics are captured in your DSP.

Increased Accessibility

Media buyers have more choices for TV spend. There are now more opportunities for brands to reach their target audiences, in more efficient ways. Connected TV advertising can be used as an extension of traditional television buys or to complement digital media buys.

Lower Financial Commitment

Connected TV provides huge opportunities to really hone in on a target audience - using first-party and third-party data to target audiences and tailor campaigns accordingly. The ability to target on Connected TV provides better audience efficiency and reduces media waste, and the noise of reaching irrelevant viewers and households.

Understand the Impact with Data

Connected TV advertising provides the ability to assess progress against goals and metrics while a campaign is live - and adjust the buy before the campaign ends. Track the impact of your CTV campaigns with digital metrics, including video completion rates, as well as offline impact like dealer visits or in-store sales.

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