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A DSP API That Provides the Tech
You Need to Succeed

StackAdapt provides a simple, yet powerful on-ramp to expand your current paid media offering or build a programmatic adtech platform quickly. With the expertise to work as an extension of your team, StackAdapt can help your company become an adtech company.

This programmatic advertising platform allows you to retarget and run video advertising, and amplify campaign efforts.

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Differentiate From the Competition

Elevate your platform by packaging the power of an Artificial Intelligence programmatic offering with your feature set.

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Build a New Revenue Stream

Add on an advanced or simplified paid media capability, expanding your current offering and creating a new revenue stream.

Capabilities from API Integration, User Satisfaction, New User Growth, Platform Performance API Integration New User Growth Platform Performance User Satisfaction

Win New Customers and Grow Existing Accounts

Expand value and time spent on your platform. Appeal to a new or larger group of customers with enhanced capabilities.

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Activate CRM Data
Across the Open Web

Enable your customers to activate their CRM data—including email, phone number, and address—within 30 minutes to a few hours. Target audiences through a multi-channel programmatic advertising platform with native, display, video, CTV, audio, and in-game advertising.

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API Partner Program

Are you a software company or platform looking to introduce or build a paid media capability? Integrate with the StackAdapt API for an advanced programmatic advertising solution in your platform or UI. Provide adtech infrastructure for your clients to retain and acquire new customers, while developing a profitable new revenue stream.

Experience Unparalleled Partner Support

Partnering with StackAdapt means building a strategic relationship to grow your business.

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Onboarding and API Integration

StackAdapt offers a dedicated and specialized API onboarding team to seamlessly guide you through the integration process. We provide the tools and training to quickly grow your client base and revenue.

  • Developer-friendly API integration
  • Customized onboarding process
  • In-depth platform training
  • Dedicated team for ongoing support
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Sales Enablement

Arm your sales team with information to build a robust selling strategy. StackAdapt provides in-depth pitch material, competitive differentiators, market value propositions, detailed API FAQs and more to support your team.

  • Sales and marketing collateral
  • Joint sales leadership training camps
  • Product and sales webinars
  • Enterprise-level pitch guidance

Why Partner With StackAdapt

StackAdapt is the #1 DSP on the G2 Small-Business Grid® Report for DSPs and the Grid® Reports for Demand-Side Platforms, Video Advertising and Cross-Channel Advertising.

Extensive targeting capabilities such as AI-led and real-time contextual targeting capabilities and dynamic retargeting enables marketers to achieve the utmost precision of targeting and performance with their campaigns.

StackAdapt is the Number 1 DSP on G2 for usability, with the highest ratings for ease of admin and ease of use. The platform is user-friendly and it delivers the speed in setup and execution needed for sophisticated programmatic campaigns, regardless of adtech experience.

Each StackAdapt client has a dedicated channel partner team to provide tailored implementation, onboarding and rollout plans along with the best-in-class training. Our personalized and proactive support is award winning.

Learn how a software company increased their revenue by 4x within 6 months!

Maximize Your Programmatic Strategy

Partner with the top-ranking DSP in the market.

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